Tap chi Y Hoc Thanh Pho Ho Chi Minh


: The glomerular filtration rate could be estimated (eGFR) from serum créatinine, without directly measured. The eGFR equation from the Modification of Diet in Renal Disease (MDRD) study has been used worthwide and automatic reported the result of eGFR with serum créatinine through the internet working network 


: To select the best equation among 3 eGFR equations as 1) MDRD equation, 2) MDRD equation modified from Japan; 3) CKD-EPI equation, compared with 24h creatinine clearance, and the estimated creatinine clearance (eClcre) by Cockcroft Gault formula.


: prospective, cross sectional study.


: We had 504 participants (101 healthy volunteers, 403 chronic kidney disease patients; 237 males, 247 females) with 867 times serum créatinine and Clcre24h measurement. Serum créatinine varied between 0.6-6.2 mg/dL and Clcre24h 0.2- 152.7ml/ph/1.73 m2. The eGFR of MDRD equation perfomed the best correlation (r =0.882, r2= 0.779, p<0.0001) to Clcre24h and almost the same as eClcre by Cockcroft Gault. (r= 0.894, r2 =0.799, p<0.0001). The number of patients with or without renal failure was similar on evaluating by eGFR of MDRD equation or Clcre24h.


: The eGFR by MDRD equation, reported coincidentally with the serum créatinine, optimized the message related to the glomerular filtration rate to both the physicians and patients in clinical practice.