Taste of the caribbean

Growing up in Haiti, my memories of food tasting from a Haitian tradition where neighbors cooks and exchange food containers to their closest neighbors on Sundays, left an indelible mark in my memory and a warm feeling in my heart. But for some reason each neighbors variety of food always tasted better than my mom’s. I later understood that its in our human nature to think that new taste are better than the ones were use to. To try other peoples food and experiment new taste from the recipes that were pass on from generation to generation was a great privilege. This was a tradition of kindness and generosity of the culturally rich Haitian neighborhoods. So realizing that there were no Haitian or Caribbean cuisine available in a 30 miles radius from Worcester Massachusetts. I decided to open Bennys Caribbean Cuisine to serve and entice my patrons a taste of the unique, fresh and balanced Haitian food I grew up eating. I have a Bachelor degree in Business administration from University o