Td Bank Ppp Loan Forgiveness Round 2020

R NAssessing Merits of Government Aid to Support Small & Medium Sized Enterprises Precautionary measures to contain COVID-19 have already started to have a deep impact on U.S. businesses, particularly those with direct exposure to retail trade, transportation, food & accommodation and arts, entertainment & recreation. And of affected industries, small and medium sized enterprises SME are without question the most exposed. Details remain sparse at this point, but one immediate concern for some SMEs would be the lack of collateral required to qualify for such a loan The majority of the stimulus for small businesses will come in the form of $349B of available government backed loans, provided through the Small Business Administration SBA under the Paycheck Protection Program Chart 2 .

Loan14.3 Small Business Administration9.6 Small and medium-sized enterprises9.5 Business6.5 Purchasing power parity5.7 Small business3.9 Retail3.5 Industry3.4 Welfare3.4 Payroll3.3 Collateral (finance)3 Government-backed loan2.9 Transport2.8 Employment2.7 Food2 United States1.9 Recreation1.5 United States Congress1.4 Debtor1.3 Debt1.2