‎TD Bank (US)



Update still a great bank I had a major issue with my card a few weeks back Iam a over the road truck driver and my card and bank are vital to me while I was asleep my bank tài khoản was hacked while I was 400 miles away from home around 2am everything happened they set me up with a new card/Apple Pay for the mean time now fast forward mid day fuel time 400 dollars for some reason Apple Pay couldn’t go through time after time went from card okay to use to locked no one could figure out what was happening one lady Joan amazing she tried everything she could but couldn’t crack it and let me tell you she gave it her all she then told me since fraud was handling it she could only dig so deep (understandable) she was pregnant so is my girlfriend so she understood what I was going through and how fast I wanted to get home told me to get in touch with fraud and they will figure it 100% hour later finally through this women Danielle when I tell you gave it her all tried everything even had the best in her department stumped until she realized where I was getting fuel from the loves truck stop she tried giving back past over draft fees and she cracked it and explained what happened and why it happened honestly I was impressed and out of all the banks I’ve banked with TD BANK goes above and beyond for their customers and will do everything in their power to help this is my forever bank they both deserve raises