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This app was made for the smaller iPhone screen, and not for the iPad. It works, in that I can access all of my courses on Teachable, and can manage to go through the content. BUT because it is designed for the iPhone small screen, it requires several maneuvers to get the videos to fill the iPad’s larger screen in landscape, and then when video ends, you have to reverse those steps to get back to place where you can move to next course module.

Many of the courses I have contain lots of visual content, like how to use software apps or how to do art & painting. They are not something I can just listen to the audio, because the visual is critical to the learning process, and so being able to see the video content on the larger screen of an iPad is very important.

I see lots of comments that the developer is not making much effort to update this app – but lately it seems more content creators seem to be delivering their courses through Teachable. So if they do anything further (which they ought to), then supporting iPad should be a top priority!