The 10 best apps and online platforms you can use to learn a new language this year

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  • Learning a new language has many benefits and can be a fun hobby to pick up.
  • From free apps to immersive online courses, there are plenty of e-learning options out there.
  • Below, we outlined the best apps and online programs to learn a language.

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If you’re on the hunt for a new hobby, learning a new language boasts plenty of perks, from improving your memory and attention to increasing your excitement around a future trip abroad.

From casual, free apps to structured classes and software geared towards visual learners, learning a new language can cost as little as a few dollars each month, and many services include free trial periods. 

After ample digging — and picking up a few cursory phrases ourselves — I’ve compiled the following list of online programs. While I haven’t been able to extensively vet and test each one (yet!), these offerings are all highly rated and reviewed by past learners, offer comprehensive language and lessons, are free or affordable with varied payment plans, and present a wide variety of instruction styles to suit every type of student, whether you want to learn Spanish, French, Hindi, Korean, Japanese, or Russian.

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The 10 best apps and online platforms to learn a new language: