The 10 Best CPR Training Lessons Near Me (with Free Estimates)

There are many reasons (and opportunities) to get your first aid and CPR certification. As you evaluate your CPR certification options, keep the following information in mind.

What are the different types of CPR training classes I can take?

When evaluating options for CPR certification near you, consider these training class options:

  • Basic first aid certification 
  • Basic Life Support (BLS) CPR 
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)

You might also find classes that focus on CPR and automatic external defibrillator (AED) training for children and infants. Or, there might be classes that provide training for adults only. 

What to expect during your CPR courses.

You may be able to take some CPR courses online, but you’ll likely need to pass an in-person assessment to get your certification. CPR classes include specially-made mannequins so students can get hands-on, realistic experience. 

During your first aid certification or CPR classes, you’ll learn the proper skills and techniques to help someone in need. For example, some basic CPR skills include: 

  • How to prioritize care for a victim
  • How to work with another rescuer
  • How to use an automated external defibrillator
  • How to clear the victim’s airway
  • How to correctly administer compressions 

Remember to wear comfortable clothing and bring a paper and pen to take notes with during the lecture. 

When to take CPR classes.

There’s never a wrong time to take CPR classes. For example, you may want (or be required) to take CPR and/or first aid courses if:

  • You’re a new parent
  • You’re a teacher
  • You’re a lifeguard
  • You’re a babysitter or work in the childcare industry
  • You’re an adult caregiver
  • You’re in law enforcement
  • You’re a firefighter
  • You’re a healthcare worker (nurse, doctor, first responder, dentist, etc.)

Benefits of taking CPR classes.

Participating in local CPR classes is an opportunity to learn in a group environment and connect with like-minded people. Even if you aren’t required to get a CPR certification, doing so could help you save someone’s life.

How to choose the best CPR class near you.

CPR classes provide invaluable knowledge that could help you act quickly and confidently in a life or death situation. When choosing the best CPR class near you, consider your job’s requirements, the cost and the different types of certifications available. Be sure to also read reviews posted by past students so you can identify the CPR programs with the best track record.