The 10 Best Free Udemy Courses

Udemy offers over 155,000 courses to choose from. Here are the best free Udemy courses about technology that we’ve found.

How do you pick the best free courses on Udemy when there are more than 155,000 online courses to choose from? Well, here are a few steps if you are only interested in the free Udemy courses and nothing else:

  1. Decide on your topic.
  2. Use the Udemy menu to drill down to the Categories.
  3. Search for course with the right keyword in the Search Bar.
  4. Click the All Filters button on the search result page.
  5. Apply the Free filter.

Then it’s just a few minutes of diligent sifting to find the course with the best ratings and a good number of enrollments. Use the video preview to check if the instructor’s rhythm agrees with you. The comments can also be a good pointer to the quality of any course.

We put these steps to the test to find the top free Udemy courses. Many of these are around technology topics.

1. Before You Code: Programming 101

Udemy Free Course Programming

As a beginner, you can use this free Udemy course to test the logical side of your brain. This course does not teach you any programming languages but instead offers a gentle introduction to the basics of programming.

These basic principles should help you take up more demanding programming challenges ahead.

Also: Try the paid Pre-Programming: Everything you need to know before you code course if you manage to snag a discount coupon.

2. Learn Python Coding: Introduction to Python Programming

Introduction To Python Programming free Udemy course

Machine learning is hot. But you can’t use machine learning unless you know how to program. Help yourself to the basics with this free guide. Python is among the world’s most popular programming languages, ranked at the top by IEEE Spectrum in 2020.

It is also flexible, as you can use Python for building desktop and web apps if you don’t want to go into machine learning. The Introduction to Python Programming free Udemy course covers the basics and does not ask for any prior programming experience.

Welcome to Artificial Intelligence free Udemy course

As mentioned, A.I and machine learning are already shaping our lives. So grab the basics with this introductory course as a gentler introduction aimed at people who don’t have any technical skills behind them.

You can also learn the fundamentals from YouTube videos, but this Udemy free course gives you structure and future learning paths to follow. Finish it in under an hour, and then you can pick up one of the excellent machine learning courses on Udemy.

4. Learn Data Science: Introduction to Data Science Using Python

Udemy Free Course Introduction to Data Science using Python

Data science uses statistical tools to extract patterns in big sets of data. It overlaps with artificial intelligence and machine learning, as intelligent algorithms are designed to learn more about the world around us.

If you want to become a data scientist, your skillsets will include Python, R, Hadoop, and SQL. Start with this primer course (the first of a series) that will stoke your interest.

Also, look into these paid data science courses on Udemy when you decide to go deeper into the field.

5. Get Introduced: Cloud Computing With Amazon Web Services

Udemy Free Course Cloud Computing With Amazon Web Services

If cloud services are the present and the future, then Amazon Web Services is at the vanguard. Amazon offers a training and certification path for learning practical skills to help manage the cloud for large enterprises.

There are several in-demand niche areas like cloud architecture, container and docker technology, and even cloud backup and disaster recovery.

But this free Udemy course can be the first step to gather the basic concepts. To make it easier, you need to start with just the basic knowledge of computers. The instructor also holds live Q&A sessions every weekend.

6. Simply SQL: Introduction to Databases and SQL Querying

Udemy Free Course Introduction to Databases

A data analyst who doesn’t know SQL won’t get far. But you don’t need to look that far; see how databases are at the core of any business today.

The Structured Query Language (SQL) is how you speak to databases. With SQL, you can track your own data and make your own reports instead of relying on the tech department. You can even use SQL with Microsoft Excel.

This is an introductory free course on Databases and SQL Querying. It is a simple walkthrough of SQL queries and how you can extract data from a database. It is just the right introduction for someone who does not have any knowledge of SQL.

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7. Learn Your First Language: Javascript Essentials

Udemy Free Course Javascript Essentials

Want to be comfortable in a foreign land? Learn the native language. Want to be a good developer on the web? Learn JavaScript. It is like a “default” language (along with Java and C++) if you want to go anywhere.

Take this basic course that will show you how JavaScript works and give you a mini-project to do. If you want to try another free JavaScript course, look at Learn JavaScript for Web Development.

8. Make Video Games: Introduction to Game Development with Unity

Udemy Free Course Game Development with Unity

Unity is a complete software application for game development. An integrated development environment (IDE) like Unity is the less difficult way to design your own game.

The harder way is to learn the black arts of programming languages like C++ and Java from scratch. On the other hand, Unity gives you many of the assets for game development, along with a code editor. So the workflow is much easier.

This free Udemy course will show you an overview of that workflow, from the installation to the process of controlling game objects with code. Some experience with coding will help, but it is not essential.

9. Think Outside the Box: The World of Design Thinking

Udemy Free Course Design Thinking

Take any industry, and you can improve your results with design thinking. The methodologies to get the right results are not only for designers. The 21 lectures will take you through the steps of Need-finding, Synthesis, Ideation, Prototyping, and Testing.

More than 10,000 students are enrolled in this free Udemy course. You may not have the responsibility to manage big projects yet, but you can still use design thinking for prototyping the little projects in your personal life for meaningful solutions.

Udemy Free Course Hyperthinking

Hard skills are the bricks. But soft skills are the mortar. You can flounder in your career if you do not develop soft skills like critical thinking and problem-solving. Today, a technology career also needs creativity and design thinking. So, some of these soft skills will help us save our jobs from robots.

As the world changes every day, this course gives you a few hyperthinking tools that can help you frame a situation and think about it in a new way. With these critical thinking tools, you can take on challenges with more confidence.

Select a Free Udemy Course to Begin With

These aren’t the only best free Udemy classes, of course. There are many more that are well-rated. The word “best” is relative, and you will find your own picks once you work through the course roster. Free Udemy courses are a no-risk introduction to the subjects you are interested in; the only investment is time.