The 10 Best Italian Restaurants in Downtown, Seattle | boam

Why these restaurants?

Finding the right Italian restaurant for you shouldn’t be so hard. These results are brought to you by boam, with insights from the Yelp and Google ratings for 4854 Seattle restaurants, 1095134 reviews, and 1116 top lists and articles from the likes of SeattleMet, Thrillist and USA Today . Don’t bother looking for SeattleMet – 18 Life-Giving Seattle Italian Restaurants, Thrillist – Seattle’s Best Italian Restaurants and USA Today – 10Best – Seattle Says “Grazie” to its Best Italian Restaurants – we’ve already done so for you and included all you need to know. We automatically update restaurants’ availability and services, so you can find a great meal no matter what. Every restaurant shown earned its spot fair and square. With boam, money never makes the list. These ten options are sure to delight.