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If you’re aiming for acceptance to a top-tier law school, the LSAT is one of the most important and challenging exams you can take. The LSAT tests your reading comprehension and ability to think analytically and logically. According to the LSAC, law school applications continue to rise and competition for the best JD programs remains fierce. LSAT prep courses can help you study for the exam with practice tests, tutoring, and techniques that may help give your score a boost. To help you choose one, we ranked and reviewed the top 10 LSAT prep courses:

Best LSAT prep coursesBest LSAT prep courses

  • The Princeton Review — Top Pick
  • Blueprint — Best Instructors
  • Magoosh — Most Affordable
  • Kaplan — Best for Students with Learning Disabilities
  • Manhattan Review — Best for Busy Schedules
  • LSATMax — Best Online Course
  • 7Sage — Biggest Practice Exam Library
  • AlphaScore — Best Free Trial
  • TestMasters — Best In-Person Experience
  • PowerScore — Best Product Offerings

Our Ranking Criteria

Test taker success rate was the most important factor we used in choosing the best LSAT prep courses. We also selected courses that cater to busy schedules, as well as the ability to get one-on-one personal instruction when needed.

Flexible scheduling and adaptable formats

Our top LSAT courses included instruction available in a variety of formats, including in-person classes, live online classes, and online on-demand classes that can be completed based on your schedule.

Personalized instruction

While it’s possible to study for the LSAT on your own, many test takers can benefit from personalized tutoring with an experienced coach. Ideally, LSAT prep courses should offer access to a tutor outside of class who can answer questions and help you review practice test results. The best courses include in-person lessons with other test takers in a supportive classroom setting.

The Best LSAT Prep Courses

The Princeton Review – Top Pick


We chose The Princeton Review as our top pick for its variety of LSAT courses, official LSAT content, and its scoring guarantee of 165+. Students can choose from self-paced study guides or instructor-led lessons both in-person and online. One of The Princeton Review’s most popular offerings is its Fundamentals course, which includes 30 hours of fast-paced instruction that’s focused on picking up the basics quickly. All programs include access to an intuitive dashboard where students can review scores, sort questions by subject, and see areas where they’re in need of improvement.

Princeton LSAT Review HomepagePrinceton LSAT Review Homepage


  • $799 to $1,849
  • In-person, live online, and on-demand online courses
  • Free trial

What we like
What we don’t like

  • 8,000+ real LSAT questions.
  • LSAT 165+ course score guarantee.
  • On-demand instructor access.
  • No learning disability accommodations.

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Blueprint – Best Instructors

Blueprint LogoBlueprint Logo

According to Blueprint, its prep course students are six times more likely to score 170+ on the LSAT compared to the average test taker. Blueprint was our runner-up choice due to its robust course selection, and its intensive screening and training process for instructors. What sets Blueprint apart is its uniquely entertaining teaching strategies that help students have fun and stay focused as they learn. Courses include personalized homework assignments that adapt to your skill level, plus detailed score reports that highlight strengths and weaknesses to work on. Blueprint offers a number of free resources, including instructor-led webinars and a tool that shows your chances of admission to top law schools nationwide.

Blueprint HomepageBlueprint Homepage


  • $299 to $2,599+
  • Online anytime, live online, and in-person courses
  • Free 5-day trial

What we like
What we don’t like

  • Custom learning assignments.
  • Monthly payment plans available.
  • LSAC Prep Plus fee not included.
  • $100 fee to refund course books.

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Magoosh – Most Affordable


Magoosh promises that its in-depth video lessons, official LSAT practice questions, and expert remote tutors can help increase LSAT scores by five points or more. This self-study platform is one of the least-expensive LSAT prep courses online, with a program that costs a quarter less than some competitors’ courses. Magoosh is especially ideal for people who’ve already taken the LSAT at least once before and want to improve their score. For test takers who don’t see an improvement in scores, Magoosh offers a full money-back guarantee. The course includes 7,000+ LSAT practice questions, as well as personalized study schedules that can be customized to your skill level and style of learning.

Magoosh HomepageMagoosh Homepage


  • $299 to $599
  • On-demand online courses
  • Money-back guarantee

What we like
What we don’t like

  • 7-day free trial.
  • Reach tutors via email.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Limitations on money-back guarantee.
  • No phone support.

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Kaplan– Best for Students with Learning Disabilities

Kaplan LogoKaplan Logo

With its self-study sessions and live online classes, Kaplan’s LSAT practice programs are ideal for test takers of all learning styles. The company’s Bootcamp program is one of the most immersive and rigorous LSAT prep courses on the market. This online classroom-based course features four weeks of intensive, one-on-one tutoring that’s aimed at prepping students for the LSAT as quickly as possible. All courses include more than 300 customizable quizzes, a set of prep books for on-the-go studying, 180+ hours of video explanations, and access to every official LSAT question ever released.

Kaplan HomepageKaplan Homepage


  • $799 to $3,999
  • On-demand online and live online courses
  • Free live online trial class

What we like
What we don’t like

  • Rapid-study Bootcamp course.
  • Learning disability accommodations.
  • Discounts often available.
  • $99 fee for LSAT Prep Plus.

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Manhattan Review – Best for Busy Schedules

Manhattan LogoManhattan Logo

The Manhattan Review offers live online LSAT training courses, private one-on-one tutoring, and in-person classes in 30 states nationwide. The company’s LSAT Classic Course includes 28 hours of instruction over eight sessions. Busy students who need flexibility can opt for the personalized Private Course and choose the study times that work best for their schedule. All instructors and tutors are thoroughly vetted for high LSAT scores, career experience, teaching style, and a friendly personality. Manhattan provides one free LSAT practice test that shows takers how others answered questions and can help reveal areas for further study and improvement.

Manhattan HomepageManhattan Homepage


  • $990 to $1,590
  • Live online and in-person courses
  • Private tutoring for extra fee

What we like
What we don’t like

  • Flexible scheduling.
  • Discount for early booking.
  • Free no-obligation practice test.
  • No money-back guarantee.
  • No live chat support.

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LSATMax – Best Online Course

LSATMax LogoLSATMax Logo

With TestMax’s LSATMax course, there’s no waiting for live classes that might not be a good fit for your schedule. LSATMax is an instant-access, self-guided study program that takes just minutes to join. Features include 90 prep tests, 100+ hours of video instruction, four hardcopy textbooks, and a digital LSAT-Flex simulator. Instructor-led tutorials walk through every question step by step and teach students proven strategies to help them succeed on the LSAT. The course includes the LSATMax analytics app, which tracks study progress and milestones throughout the course. Test takers can also access live Daily Office Hours sessions hosted by TestMax’s 99th-percentile LSAT tutors and talk about test prep with other students through the LSATMax message boards.

LSATMax HomepageLSATMax Homepage


  • $249 to $7,306
  • On-demand online courses and live tutoring
  • Monthly payment plans available

What we like
What we don’t like

  • High score guarantee.
  • Excellent support.
  • Free trial.
  • Private tutoring can be expensive.

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7Sage – Biggest Practice Exam Library

7Sage Logo7Sage Logo

According to 7Sage, students who made substantial use of its study program raised their LSAT scores by an average of 11 points. This course was developed by Harvard Law School graduates and includes 50 hours of video lessons, 7,500 practice questions and explanations, and simulators for both the classic and LSAT-Flex formats. 7Sage comes with more than 95 practice exams, which is one of the largest test libraries offered by any company. Students can go beyond LSAT prep with 7Sage’s Admissions Course that can help them get accepted to the law school of their dreams.

7Sage Homepage7Sage Homepage


  • $69 to $599
  • On-demand online courses
  • Free trial includes one practice exam

What we like
What we don’t like

  • Large prep test library.
  • Admissions consulting available.
  • Affordable.
  • Personal tutoring not available.
  • LSAT Prep Plus subscription required.

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AlphaScore – Best Free Trial

Alpha-Score LogoAlpha-Score Logo

AlphaScore is a self-guided study program that breaks LSAT prep into easily digestible chunks and allows busy students to learn at their own pace. This course covers logic games, reading comprehension, analytic reasoning, and strategies that can help you succeed on every part of the exam. AlphaScore’s generous free one-month trial sets it apart from the pack. The trial includes an official LSAT exam, 125 practice questions, tutorials, and three HD video lessons. Premium Course subscribers get access to more than 60 practice tests and 6,000 real LSAT questions with fully animated video explanations to the answers of each one.

Alpha-Score HomepageAlpha-Score Homepage


  • $389 to $789
  • On-demand online courses
  • Annual subscription plans

What we like
What we don’t like

  • One-month trial.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Phone support.
  • No monthly subscription option.
  • No live classes.

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TestMasters – Best In-Person Experience

TestMasters LogoTestMasters Logo

TestMasters offers one of the most robust and comprehensive in-person prep courses on the market, so it’s great for students who thrive in a real-world classroom setting. Prep classes are held in more than 100 locations across the country and include 150 hours of instruction, 9,500+ official LSAT questions, 20 digital practice exams, and 24/7 academic support. On-demand online classes are also available for students who prefer to study on their own schedule. All students get access to an online dashboard that instantly scores homework assignments and pinpoints areas that need further study. Students can also sort questions by difficulty or look up specific questions on the fly with the TestMasters LSAT Search Engine.

TestMasters HomepageTestMasters Homepage


  • $1,250 to $9,750
  • On-demand online and in-person courses
  • Private tutoring available

What we like
What we don’t like

  • In-depth score reports.
  • 24/7 support.
  • 100+ highly qualified instructors.
  • Live classes not in all states.
  • No money-back guarantee.

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PowerScore – Best Product Offerings

PowerScore LogoPowerScore Logo

PowerScore offers a wide range of LSAT prep services, including on-demand courses and live classes both in-person and online. Students who’ve already taken the LSAT and want a better score can opt for the Advanced Course, which features expert-level logic concepts taught by LSAT Bible Series author Dave Killoran. PowerScore also has an impressive number of free services, such as its Self-Study Site, webinars, and a forum where students can discuss concepts and strategies with other test takers. Students can supplement their learning with the LSAT Bible strategy guides and workbooks that cover logical games, reasoning, and reading comprehension. Students who’ve passed the LSAT can speak with an admissions expert who can guide them through every step of the law school application process.

PowerScore HomepagePowerScore Homepage


  • $195 to $7,200
  • On-demand online, live online, and in-person courses
  • In-person and online tutoring

What we like
What we don’t like

  • Free resources.
  • Repeat classes at a reduced rate.
  • Discounts for military members.
  • No refunds for on-demand courses.
  • Nonrefundable deposit for live courses.
  • No trial.

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Choose the Right LSAT Prep Course for You

When it comes to choosing an LSAT prep course, you’ve got plenty of options. If you’re not sure which prep course is best for you, here are some important actions to take.

Calculate prep time

The LSAT is one of the toughest exams you’ll take, so the longer you’re able to study for it, the higher your score will probably be. Unlike standard exams that test your ability to recall facts and information, the LSAT focuses on skills such as reasoning, logic, and reading comprehension. These skills take time to properly develop, which is why some prep companies offer courses that are up to a year long.

Consider your learning style

Learning styles determine how you absorb and retain information, so it’s important to choose a course that matches your preferred method of teaching. Auditory learners might do best with an in-person LSAT class, for example, while reading and writing learners may be better suited to a self-guided online course.

Compare costs

LSAT prep courses are usually priced by the month, with costs ranging anywhere from $150 to more than $1,000. On-demand lessons tend to be cheaper than live, in-person classes, so they can be a good choice if you’re on a budget. Many companies offer regular promotions and discounts that may save you $100 or more in booking fees.

Look for must-have features

The best LSAT prep courses come with features such as:

  • On-demand classes and flexible scheduling for live courses
  • A free trial or class demo
  • Personalized instructor support
  • An extensive library of LSAT practice tests and official questions
  • Guided video explanations
  • A money-back guarantee if your LSAT score doesn’t improve

LSAT Prep Frequently Asked Questions

What are the important dates for taking the LSAT?

The LSAT is typically offered seven times per year, although the Law School Admission Council could add more tests in the future. There’s a deadline to register for each test and a deadline to change your testing date if needed. To find the next available LSAT test day, visit the LSAC website.

Are there accommodations for disabilities?

The LSAC does provide accommodation for test takers with disabilities, which can include extra testing time, screen readers, and magnification software. Test takers with disabilities must receive an approved request for accommodation to receive assistance. A request for accommodation should be submitted through your LSAC account.

Where can I find practice tests?

Many LSAT prep companies offer a free practice test on their websites. You can also take a free practice test via LSAC’s LawHub.

How early should I prep?

According to the University of Massachusetts Amherst, you should spend four to six hours per week studying for at least three to four months before your scheduled test date.

How many practice tests should I take before the actual exam?

The University of Michigan suggests that you take at least 10 full-length practice tests before the actual LSAT. Other sources recommend you to take two to four tests per week, both timed and untimed, until you approach your target score.

How long are most LSAT prep courses?

LSAT prep courses usually last from two to three months, although there are some intensive programs that claim to teach all you need to know in as little as four weeks. Many companies will give you access to course materials for several months after the course is completed.

Is LSAT prep worth it?

The LSAT is a difficult exam, and you’ll need to prepare if you’re shooting for a score of 170+. Test prep has been shown to increase LSAT scores by an average of 2.1 points. There are many free resources that can help you study on your own, but you may also benefit from the structure and expertise that an LSAT prep course provides.

How much does LSAT prep cost?

Some LSAT prep courses require a monthly subscription, while others charge a flat fee to access content for a certain amount of time. Services that offer personalized, in-person tutoring usually bill by the hour. You can compare the costs of several LSAT prep courses in the table below:

The Princeton Review

  • Self-Paced: $799
  • Fundamentals: $1,049
  • LSAT 165+: $1,849
  • Private Tutoring: $177/hour


  • Self-Paced Course: Starts at $299/month
  • Live Course: $1,499
  • Tutoring: Starts at $2,599


  • Self-Paced: $299
  • Guided Study: $599


  • Live Online Course: $1,299
  • On Demand Course: $799
  • Tutoring: Starts at $2,399
  • Bootcamp: $3,999

Manhattan Review

  • LSAT Online Classic: $990
  • LSAT In-Person Classic: $1,590
  • LSAT Private Course: $1,590
  • LSAT Private Tutoring: Varies by location


  • Self-Paced Course: Starts at $249/month
  • Basic Tutoring: $2,546
  • Complete Tutoring: $3,906
  • In-Depth Tutoring: $5,011
  • Immersive Tutoring: $7,306


  • Ultimate+: $69/month or $599/year


  • Complete LSAT course: $389
  • Premium LSAT course: $789


  • TestMasters Live Course: $1,550
  • TestMasters Online Course: $1,250
  • Private LSAT Tutoring
    • Hourly Tutoring: $175/hour
    • 10-Hour Package: $1,500
    • 25-Hour Package: $3,125
    • Platinum Package: $9,750


  • The PowerScore LSAT Course
    • In Person: $1,595
    • Live Online: $1395
    • On Demand: $195/month
  • LSAT Private Tutoring
    • 5-hour Package: $800
    • 10-hour Package: $1,500
    • 20-hour Package: $2,800
    • 30-hour Package: $3,900
    • 40-hour Package: $5,000
    • 60-hour Package: $7,200

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