THE 10 BEST Maryland Golf Courses (with Photos) – Tripadvisor

Outstanding course. I’m kind of surprised (and thankful) that this Ernie Els designed course isn’t all about long hitters. I’m a mid handicapper that doesn’t have a long drive in my bag, but was able to card a 37 on the front nine. Yes I’ve played here several times so I know the course, but it just goes to show that anyone can score well here.
Our golf league just moved here from another local course and I couldn’t be more thrilled. The staff treat us like they want us here and have made some amenities available to us that just blew my mind.
I’ve run charity golf tournaments in the past for my church and my lions club at a different course, but now I think I want to try running one here. The beauty of the location will appeal to golfers and non-golfers alike and the clubhouse is a perfect venue for a large gathering.
Well Done Whiskey Creek!