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The best online SAT prep courses build knowledge and hone test-taking skills. See what programs stand out and why.

  • Online SAT courses offer flexibility, allowing students to study on their own time.
  • Standout SAT classes have customizable study programs that mirror student needs.
  • Premium SAT prep courses use live classrooms, promoting engagement and collaboration.
  • One-on-one tutoring can help test-takers build knowledge and fine-tune test strategies.

College entrance exams are a critical component of the college admissions process, and an SAT score can sometimes make or break an application. As a result, effectively preparing for the SAT is key. One popular option for test-takers is SAT prep courses.

Below, we present 10 of the best online SAT prep courses, describing what they offer and how they can lead to higher SAT scores. Keep reading to see which options stand out.

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Ready to start your journey?

One of the most recognizable names in test prep, The Princeton Review offers a variety of options to help you prepare for college entrance exams. Whether it’s online or in person, The Princeton Review essentially guarantees participants will earn top scores. Services include 24/7 tutoring, proctored SAT practice tests, and hours of live instruction.

In addition to pricier tutoring options, test-takers have access to on-demand tutoring and self-paced SAT programs that utilize online videos, drills, and practice questions.

Course Options:

  • SAT 1400+ Tutoring: $1,449
  • Essentials: $749
  • SAT Self-Paced: $299
  • SAT 1500+ Tutoring: $233/hour
  • Private Tutoring: $150/hour
  • On-Demand Tutoring: $39.99/hour

For students gearing up for the SAT, Kaplan — which has provided educational services for over 80 years — offers three price points. The least expensive option is an on-demand program that uses daily online video lessons along with teacher-led review sessions.

Additionally, test-takers can enroll in a $699 live option in which teachers and students collaborate in an online classroom. Kaplan’s most expensive option offers unlimited access to online classes.

Course Options:

  • Unlimited Prep: $1,299
  • Live Online: $699
  • On-Demand: $199

Testive provides online SAT tutoring that personalizes each student’s program to create the most effective learning experience. Before test-takers enroll, the company offers a free consultation to determine whether the program is a good fit. Once you set up an account, a practice test determines your baseline strengths and weaknesses.

Students can pay for monthly access to a personal coach and receive one-on-one sessions throughout the online program. Those who are short on time may instead enroll in an intensive six-week SAT prep bootcamp.

Course Options:

  • Bootcamp Course: $799
  • Coaching Plus Course: $699/month
  • Coaching Course: $399/month

Offering test prep services since 2009, Magoosh provides test-takers with a flexible, accessible, and relatively inexpensive program to increase their SAT scores. The self-paced program supplies practice tests, video lessons, and over 1,750 practice questions, whereas the premium track provides 16 hours of live instruction through classes led by experienced instructors.

Magoosh also prioritizes effective study habits and provides students with text message reminders and personalized study schedules to help them stay on track. Magoosh guarantees a 100-point increase in SAT scores.

Course Options:

  • Guided Study Premium + Live Classes: $399
  • Self-Paced Premium: $129

PrepScholar offers students an extensive catalog of content, including over 7,000 practice questions, 700 problem-solving videos, and 98 skills lessons. The Complete SAT Online Prep program covers all relevant test sections while also supplying test-takers with customized diagnostic quizzes and 10 practice tests.

Students who want a bit more attention can access expert-led online classes for an extra fee. The priciest option includes all test materials, online classes, and one-on-one tutoring.

Course Options:

  • Complete + Tutoring: $995
  • PrepScholar Classes: $895
  • Complete SAT Online Prep: $397

For test-takers wanting personalized help, Varsity Tutors offers both a free SAT prep class and pay-by-the-hour classes. The free course includes six one-hour sessions in a large virtual classroom. In addition to covering test content like math, writing, and reading, these classes underscore the importance of test-taking strategies and how to manage in-test challenges.

In Varsity Tutors’ other programs, students tackle SAT prep in small groups, usually with 6-9 students, over the course of four two-hour classes. These courses cover standard test content plus topics like test-day tips, time-management strategies, and reading comprehension.

Course Options:

  • SAT Subject Prep Course(s): $31/hour
  • SAT Two-Week Bootcamp: $31/hour
  • SAT Four-Week OR Eight-Week Prep Class: $31/hour
  • SAT Prep Class: Free

Promising to boost SAT scores by 200 points, Veritas Prep takes three paths to deliver content: on-demand content, live online courses, and one-on-one tutoring. Students learn test-taking skills from expert instructors and take eight official SAT practice exams, all while having 24/7 access to study materials.

Veritas’ live online courses offer 25 hours of live SAT classes and provide test-takers with an exhaustive exam e-book. If students need one-on-one tutoring, they can get a personal study plan and daily homework assistance.

Course Options:

  • Live Online Courses: $899
  • On-Demand Course: $499
  • 1-on-1 SAT Tutoring: $154+/hour

Prep Expert offers four SAT prep options at varying prices. Taught by experienced instructors, class offerings span from a weekend-long review class to an eight-week capstone course. The company also offers a self-paced video course that allows test-takers to study on their own time.

Prep Expert’s flagship course covers essential test-taking skills and SAT topics over six weeks. Students meet in their online classrooms twice a week for three hours. In addition, they complete a self-proctored exam once a week while mastering dozens of proven SAT strategies.

Course Options:

  • 8-Week Capstone Prep Course: $1,299+
  • 6-Week Flagship Prep Course: $799+
  • Self-Paced Video Prep Course: $499+
  • Weekend Review Prep Course: $299+

College Prep Genius prioritizes reasoning and logic, ensuring test-takers have the skills they need to optimize their SAT performance. This organization recognizes that preparing for the SAT takes time and offers one year of access to test prep materials.

Students can enroll in a three-day, live, virtual bootcamp; tackle an eight-week session; or take advantage of yearlong access to online eCourse content. Digital course content includes a textbook, a workbook, and over 300 interactive quiz questions.

Course Options:

  • Virtual Bootcamp: $355
  • Comprehensive eCourse: $189 (1st year)
  • Fundamental eCourse: $139 (1st year)

Boasting five levels of SAT preparation, ePrep supplies students with a user-friendly online platform through which they can track their progress, schedule study sessions, and take full-length practice tests. The company’s online school helps test-takers identify and isolate weaknesses, offering various content to confront testing shortfalls.

Depending on the subscription, students can access tools like video lessons and vocabulary building. Along with test simulations, ePrep gauges progress and gives advice for when to take the SAT.

Course Options:

  • Premium+: $599
  • Standard+: $399
  • Premium: $299
  • Standard: $249
  • Express: $129

Is Online SAT Test Prep Right for You?

Online SAT prep can be an excellent choice for students looking to boost their scores. Considering the variety of online course options, deliveries, and costs, most students should be able to find an option that fits their needs.

Furthermore, many online SAT prep courses guarantee a score improvement or your money back.

For self-starting students who can motivate themselves to study independently, self-guided study options are often a great choice. Conversely, students who benefit from a more rigid structure should look toward live classes and one-on-one tutoring.

Be sure to closely review prospective SAT prep classes and programs to see whether they meet all your requirements.

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