THE 10 BEST Portland Golf Courses (with Photos) – Tripadvisor

Hi gang,
I heard Eastmoreland was an old classic course so I had to go. I found out it is almost 100 yrs old. The fairways are getting a little narrower due to the trees maturing. Course condition was very good, staff friendly and helpful. Once again I had the pleasure of following a group that didn’t allow me to play thru. Only after they stopped to grab some vittles they offered to let me go ahead. A 3-some invited me to join them on #11. It really helped as they gave me playing advice to enjoy my round, thanks for that.
I really appreciated the history and nostalgia of a mature golf course. Driving thru downtown Portland didn’t go well but I’m glad I went.
If you want to appreciate golf design from the past then definitely play here, you won’t regret it.