The 10 most craveable chain fries

Burgers and fries are an American tradition, but it’s not just burger chains that serve America’s most craveable chain french fries, shows new Technomic research on Americans’ most-loved fries. Only half of the chains in this roundup are burger-focused. And what’s more, this roundup reveals that when diners visit a burger chain to satisfy a craving, sometimes it’s not the burger they’re after—it’s the fries.

Whether they’re hand-cut wedges, seasoned or loaded with toppings, limited-service restaurants have apparently mastered the fry, as only one full-service chain appears in the following roundup. 

Click through to find the 10 chains that recent customers say offer the most craveable fries out of any of the leading chains surveyed for Technomic’s Consumer Brand Metrics. The chains are ranked from tenth to first in order of the percentage of recent diners who say the fries are crave-worthy and one-of-a-kind.