The 11 Best Italian Restaurants in Dallas Right Now

Dallas’ dining landscape is a veritable choose-your-own-adventure map of diverse cuisines, allowing the intrepid eater to discover foods from across the globe. But from time to time, nothing hits the spot quite like good old-fashioned Italian food.

Fortunately, Dallas has plenty of it, with dozens of spots running the gamut from casual to high-end. Some adhere to old world sensibilities, where piles of pasta come topped with meaty red sauce and Chianti hits the table in wicker-wrapped bottles. Others view the cuisine through a more modern lens, serving platters of house-cured salumi alongside creative spritzes. But all are ready and able to provide a great night out, from the antipasti down to the dolce.

Here are the 11 best Italian restaurants in Dallas-Fort Worth. (Note: We’re excluding pizza joints. If it’s pies you’re after, fear not—we’ve got the best pizza in DFW right here.)