The 15 Best Places for Lobster in Amsterdam

Shota Gvinepadze: Good place. Lobsters are awesome. Quite, good for romantic dates. A little pricy. Wifi password: RED@2015

Akshay Kumar: Must visit when you're in Amsterdam. Steak and Lobster, both are just awesome.

Katrien Vancouillie: The moelleux au chocolat with blue cheese is genius. Choosing is losing, so for the main, surf n turf is the way to go (Canadian lobster & Argentinian beef) Finish it off with some pink bubbly stuff.

Ayman Hammad: Whole lobster is fantastic, mussels are great and the atmosphere is perfect 👍👍👍

Maria Gleeson: French mussels are delicious!!! Lobster was great. Have the Pinot Grigio!! Great service and you get a lot of food

Gizem Z: start with lobster soup, very delicious 😋 and try mixed grill menu including mussel, lobster, king prawn, grilled calamar and different fish types..All were tasty and fresh…👍🏻

Erdem Sener: The steak is decent if you're not into sea food (and was dragged in as part of a group). Friends seemed to enjoy the lobster immensely.

Masha Barsuk: Love ❤️ Try Tsarskaya Oysters, Fruits de Mer, Chocolate and lemon pie. Don't order Plateau Deluxe, it is a salad with mayonnaise. Lobster soup has more fish taste than lobster. Awesome overall.

Irina Mikheeva: It was awesome! Very clean, sophisticated place, king prawns were bomb, lobster and fish deserve a 5*. The prices are reasonable, all in all very good spot, highly recommend!

Gijsbregt Brouwer: Get the lobster roll or the oyster shot

Maina Khoja: Their sausage are a must! I tried the lobster and meat one they are so good! Dutch food with an Italian touch . Great decoration and lovely chef.

Anthea Baird: Always delicious and fun. Try the lobster sausage!

Siang-Lan Go: Worst is a great wine cafe, very informal, great wine and delicious worst (sausage) of course. If you don't like sausage ask for cheese or the lobster sausage.

Virginia Cavalletti: Mussels and all the G&Ts. Really, don't be dumb and decide to eat something different. It's called Mussels & Gin for a reason! And the shrimp and the lobster croquettes.

Vladimir D: Lobster was nice… and well, the choice of gins is good!

Rick Veldhuis: The lobster as well as the chili mussels are great..! Crayfish for starters is your best option..!

Tiffany Fan: Quaint little place. The fois gras lobster bun was excellent and the oysters were fresh and creamy.

Rebecca Rijnders: Get Some oysters and bubbles for 10 euro between 5 and 7 PM and the lobster is delicious! Not cheap, but worth it.

Raquel de Meneses: The toasted brioche, fried foie gras, lobster mayo with truffle and red onion compote IS TO DIE FOR.

Burak Tutar: Great atmosphere,good asian food,tacos not worth it as the fried shell is thick and absorbs all the flavor of crab and lobster,limited sake selection but good quality,a must try if u can spare €100 pp

Ruken Taylan: The food and service didn't disappoint me.Try oysters and lobster also fish soup is ok. Second time and everything was great! Do not forget to make a reservation.

Shirley Onsod: The lobster ravioli – still remember as if it were yesterday.

Vera VvV: Scrumptious & yummy lobster bitter-balls…their “lattes are good too!! Love the atmosphere too!! ♥️♥️

Maina Khoja: Great food! They serve the best bitterballen in Amsterdam! Try the mixed ones (lobster, beef,cheese) they were Devine! the apple pie is must it comes from a bakery owned by the same restaurant owners.

13. Kreeftenbar


Seafood Restaurant

· Scheldebuurt · 7 tips and reviews

Moon Liu: It is easy to reach this restaurant with the car (near Amsterdam Rai) or tram no.4, delicious sushi rolls and lobster. Their lobster menu is really cheap, you should try that for sure@

Koon W. C.Koon W. Chan: Great rolls and the lobster menu is great value for money

Agnessa C.Agnessa C: Really nice quite place, delicious sushi boat (roll with strawberries is amazing), good oysters and a wide range of cooking lobster (Thermidore is my favorite).Strongly recommend to visit Kreeftenbar