The 15 Best Seafood Chain Restaurants in the US

I don’t eat out much, but when I do I love to order seafood. There’s just something so satisfying and decadent about enjoying a meal centered around seafood. That’s probably why so many seafood chain restaurants have popped up around the United States. 

If you live near the coast, you probably have the luxury of visiting one of your local dive restaurants for fresh-off-the-boat seafood. If not, you can use this list of the best seafood chain restaurants to pick the destination for your next delicious seafood meal. 

15. Long John Silver’s

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Photo courtesy of @longjohnsilvers on Instagram 

If you’re looking to enjoy the absolute cheapest seafood possible, Long John Silver’s is the seafood chain restaurant for you. Pretty much the entire menu is fried and who knows where they get those ingredients for so cheap. It’s quantity and speed over quality at this nationwide franchise. 

14. Arthur Treacher’s Fish and Chips

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Arthur Treacher’s is a British-style fish and chip joint with an American fast food twist. They offer beer-battered fish, shrimp, and chicken. Of course, they don’t skimp on the size of their “chips” either. Like LJS’s, the cheap seafood Arthur Treacher’s is serving isn’t straight off the boat, but with their secret beer batter it almost doesn’t matter. 

13. Red Lobster

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Perhaps most beloved by customers for their cheddar bay biscuits, Red Lobster offers a large, reasonably-priced menu of seafood options with shrimp, crab, lobster, fish, and surf and turf sections. Recently, their rise in popularity was fueled by Beyonce’s Formation. 

12. Bubba Gump Shrimp Company

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Photo courtesy of @officialbubbagump on Instagram   

I can’t help but automatically love a seafood chain restaurant named after Forrest Gump. With locations all over the world, Bubba Gump Shrimp Company serves up shrimp almost as many ways as Bubba names in the movie.

And they don’t stop at shrimp either. Crab, salmon, mahi mahi, lobster, and several non-seafood proteins also make appearances on the menu, depending on the location. 

11. Joe’s Crab Shack

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Photo courtesy of @officialjoescrabshack on Instagram   

While Joe’s recently got some bad press for banning tipping, they’re still serving up fresh seafood prepared in a variety of ways. They have a separate seasonal menu, so you know Joe’s is making an effort to serve the freshest seafood possible at affordable prices.

If you’re looking to get the biggest bang for your buck at Joe’s, stop by on a Wednesday. It’s $19.99 for all you can eat shrimp (steamed, chilled, coconut, and fried), hushpuppies, and fries all day long. 

10. Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen

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Photo courtesy of @pappadeaux on Instagram

While Pappadeaux began in Texas, they are now serving up Texas-sized portions of seafood across the country. They focus on preparing each type of high-quality seafood in the most traditional way.

For example, you’ll find fried alligator and blackened mahi alongside oysters Baton Rouge-style and grilled snapper. This is the place to branch out and order a new protein you’ve never tried before. 

9. Bonefish Grill

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Photo courtesy of @bonefishgrill on Instagram

Bonefish Grill prides itself in offering seafood from around the world prepared in a wide variety of culinary styles. The one thing tying the whole menu together is the grill, which is refreshing compared to the rampant frying of seafood at many other seafood chain restaurants. 

8. Bahama Breeze

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Photo courtesy of @bahamabreezeislandgrille on Instagram

Eating at Bahama Breeze is like embarking on a Caribbean cruise in your hometown. From decorations to drinks to food, everything about this seafood chain restaurant screams beach vacation. On select nights, they even offer live music to bring you one step closer to that Caribbean island.

7. Weathervane Seafood Company

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Photo courtesy of @meitay on Instagram

You can only find Weathervane Seafood Restaurants in New Hampshire and southern Maine, but have no fear. They ship their fresh lobsters nationwide for everyone to enjoy.

If you’re lucky enough to live closeby,  you have the luxury of enjoying large portions of fried, broiled, grilled, baked, or stuffed seafood. They also have burgers, steak, chicken, and pasta for those picky eaters. 

6. Lazy Flamingo

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Photo courtesy of @lazyflamingousa on Instagram   

Lazy Flamingo can only be found around Fort Myers in southeast Florida, but it’s worth making the trip. Their menu is limited, so you know they’re only serving the highest quality Florida seafood. Each restaurant in the chain also has unique signature items. Make sure you pick up a t-shirt, hat, or koozie with their signature flamingo logo on it to remember your experience. 

5. McCormick and Schmick’s

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Photo courtesy of @mcandschmicks on Instagram

Fresh seafood and aged steak. They’re keeping it simple at McCormick and Schmick’s by serving up only the best ingredients in an upscale environment. They constantly revise the menu to fit their daily seafood and produce deliveries, and you can taste the difference. 

4. Legal Seafoods

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Photo courtesy of @legalseafoods on Instagram

“If it ain’t fresh, it ain’t legal.” That’s Legal Seafoods’ motto.

With locations across the country, including several in airports, this seafood chain restaurant is extremely accessible. They’re serving up all kinds of seafood comfort dishes, from lobster rolls to clam chowder. The atmosphere is laid back, but the quality of this fresh seafood is undeniable. That’s why you can buy it online as well. 

3. Crabby Bill’s

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Photo courtesy of @crabbybillsirb on Instagram

Crabby Bill’s has been a Florida institution since 1983. They serve only Florida seafood, meats, and other products in the restaurant, and sell those same goods in their own market. And don’t forget to save room for a homemade dessert. 

Crabby Bill’s has a laid-back family atmosphere and live music almost every day of the week. They’re the best of the best in terms of high-quality seafood for affordable prices. 

2. King’s Fish House

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Photo courtesy of @kingsfishhouse on Instagram

The battle between East and West Coast food continues with seafood chain restaurants. King’s Fish House is primarily based in California, with locations in Arizona and Nevada. They’re serving up your usual seafood preparations, but with a large raw bar and sushi selection as well. You know what you’re ordering at King’s because the menu states where each piece of seafood originated. 

1. Truluck’s Seafood Steak and Crab House

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Photo courtesy of @trulucksrestaurant on Instagram

Despite the drought of seafood chain restaurants in “best of” lists, Truluck’s has been winning awards for years. The ambiance of Truluck’s is truly a step above their competitors’. It borders on a fine dining experience. They have several course offerings of sustainably-caught seafood and high quality steaks. And they pair it all with wine by the glass or bottle. 

There is a seafood chain restaurant in the United States for just about everyone. Running the range from $1.99 to over $100, you’ll definitely be able to find a dish to suit your price level and quality expectations at one of these joints. 

Or, if you want, you can go ahead and try them all.