The 15 Most Romantic Restaurants in Dallas

It’s not even February yet, but we have romance on the brain. After all, a date night with someone special (or multiple special someones lest we forget all the throuples out there) can make any otherwise ordinary day of the week something special. Regardless of when you feel like treating your boo, Dallas has a swoon-worthy number of restaurants with cozy nooks for canoodling and aphrodisiacs on the menu for, ahem, more uninhibited canoodling once you’re back home or doing something else in the dark. Work your way through this list and you’ll have a ready-set agenda to go on 15 of the most memorable dates possible. Who knows, one might be worth looking back on fondly years in the future—perhaps sharing a few PG-13 details with the ol’ grandkids as they roll their eyes and cover their ears.