The 18 Best Restaurants in Ibiza

Where to find crisp focaccia, freshly-caught seafood, and local wood-fired steaks on Spain’s Illa Blanca

Ibiza’s reputation as a premier destination for unabashed hedonism almost always precedes it, but there is a lot more to the small Balearic island than elite partying. Along with all of its outstanding natural beauty comes a rich fishing tradition and fertile rust-red soil, making the island as excellent a place to eat as it is to frolic. A steadfast group of historic restaurants preserve its classic cuisine, while a spate of buzzy newcomers keep the influx of international revelers well-fed.

With that, behold Eater’s list of the 18 essential restaurants of Ibiza.

Editor’s Note: Eater is not updating international maps at this time given disruptions to global travel during the COVID-19 crisis.

Prices per person
$ = Less than €20 (less than USD $24)
$$ = €20 – €40 (USD $24 to USD $48)
$$$ = €40 – €60 (USD $46 to USD $72)
$$$$ = More than €60 (more than USD $72)

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Note: Restaurants on this map are listed geographically.