The 30 Most Essential Food Experiences in Dallas

Like any major city, Dallas is home to an abundance of quintessential restaurants that have served as culinary hubs for generations of locals and visitors. Of course, we’re also privileged to enjoy an ever-evolving dining scene that never ceases to surprise. So every time we update this trusty bucket list, we always aim to include a mixture of longtime staples and recent additions, as well as specific dishes and drinks that are so iconic they deserve their very own moment in the spotlight.

If we had our druthers, we’d include every single one of our favorites, but you’d be scrolling so long we’d probably break the internet. Lucky for you, we regularly get hyper-focused on the top places to visit in several categories, from best vegetarian and vegan spots to best sushi and everything in between. But we do stand behind every one of the choices below and encourage you to work your way through these 30 essential food experiences in North Texas. (Pro tip: Now would probably be a good time to renew that gym membership, if you haven’t already.)