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Simply the best restaurants in the Metroplex, from Chinese to pizza to steak.

The Dallas-Fort Worth is a sprawling Metroplex of 9,286 square miles. And in that land mass, there are a lot of great restaurants. This list aims to guide visitors and locals alike to great new locations, up-and-coming eateries, and established restaurants at the top of the food game, all at various price points and featuring the numerous cuisines that shine in DFW.

Eater Dallas’s list of the 38 Essential Restaurants in fair North Texas is updated quarterly. This summer’s update sees a nearly complete overhaul, ushering in a fresh list of places to go and delights to taste. This month sees the additions of Meridian in the Village, which Eater Dallas named the best restaurant of 2021, the return of Knife Dallas following chef John Tesar’s Orlando establishment winning a Michelin star, and brunch with the French as Knox Bistro retools, among others.

Call ahead to ensure each restaurant is open and for updates on current offerings, as these things change constantly. Wear a mask when required, tip well, and try to order directly from the restaurants if you’re ordering delivery.

Check out the Eater Dallas Heatmap for the newest restaurant openings any given month.

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Note: Restaurants on this map are listed geographically.