The 38 Essential Restaurants in Detroit

It’s pretty much guaranteed that when arriving in a new city, the timeless question: “Can you recommend a restaurant?” will come up. While it’s impossible to capture the entirety of a city’s dining scene, the Eater 38 attempts to answer that question with a number of insights to fit most occasions and tastes. Updated quarterly, it includes not only longtime Detroit staples, restaurants with loyal followings, but also places worthy of the ultimate night out. These restaurants tell the story of dining in the Motor City right now — how Detroiters are eating, where they’re gathering, and what they value in the community food system.

Removal from the Eater 38 does not mean a restaurant isn’t still great and won’t return, but allows for new entries, keeping the guide fresh, inclusive, and representative. For the latest and buzziest openings head to the heatmap. Takoi, Hazel, Ravines and Downtown (now Hazel’s), Folk, Mink, and Loui’s depart the Eater 38, while El Parian, Warda Pâtisserie, Yum Village, and Michigan & Trumbull join the list. Make your case for your favorite restaurant in the comments on Twitter, Facebook, or by emailing us at

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Note: Restaurants on this map are listed geographically.

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