THE 5 BEST Des Moines Golf Courses (with Photos) – Tripadvisor

Went here on the same weekend that the Renaissance Faire was there. Wanted to take advantage of one of the packages, but was told that the bumper boats, batting cage, and another activity were not available b/c they didn’t have enough staff. This was the $20 package we wanted to do. We were told that we could do that mini-golf, go-karts and laser tag for $25. Was taken back by this b/c the $20 package included the 3 things we were offered for $25. I pointed that out to him, so he lowered price to $18. Wasn’t excited but went ahead and did it. Go Karts were decent. Laser tag was fun for the group, but was done in less than 10 minutes. Mini-golf was a big disappointment. The course needs an awful lot of work. We were not impressed. Maybe it was b/c some of the items we wanted to do couldn’t be done. However, it has gone downhill in the 2 years since we were last there.