The 5 Best Online Real Estate Schools in Ohio for 2022

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If you’re interested in becoming a real estate agent in Ohio, you need the right education. One of the best online real estate schools in Ohio can help make sure you get the education you need.

There are some requirements you have to meet to become licensed. One of those requirements is the pre-licensing education. You can complete this education online with one of the online real estate schools in Ohio.

Before you choose the right school for you, make sure you compare a few options. Let’s look at a few of the best online real estate schools in Ohio.

Best Online Real Estate Schools in OhioBest Online Real Estate Schools in Ohio

Top 5 Online Real Estate Schools in Ohio

  1. The CE Shop

One of the best online real estate schools in Ohio is The CE Shop. This option offers the 120-hour pre-licensing course with interactive, state-approved content. There are plenty of options out there, but The CE Shop is a great option for those wanting to work at their own pace.

When you need an online real estate school you can trust, this is a top option. They offer the following packages:

  • Course Only – Get just the 120-hour pre-licensing course with this option for $1,425.
  • Standard Package – Get the course, exam prep edge, and a pass guarantee with this option for $1,485.
  • Value Package – Get everything in the standard package, along with the business building courses for $1,525.
  • Premium Package – Get everything in the value packages, along with a 20-hour post-licensing course with this package for $1,645.

It’s very common for these packages to be discounted up to 30%. All packages include business eBooks, career resources, digital flashcards, a study schedule, downloadable resources, and a real estate glossary.

2. Hondros College

Another very good online real estate school in Ohio is Hondros College. This option offers both live online and in-person options for your real estate education. They provide everything you need to become a real estate agent in Ohio.

While Hondros College is a good choice, they don’t have the best self-paced options. However, this school does offer plenty of good choices including:

  • Career Start Package – For $1,699, you will get the 120-hour pre-licensing course with textbooks, instructor support, exam prep options, and so much more.
  • Set for Success – For 1,899, you will get everything in the Career Start Package, along with the CompuCram exam prep, a real estate career switch kit eBook, flashcards, and a national review webinar.
  • Ultimate Real Estate Package – For $2,099, you get everything in the Set for Success package, along with the required 20-hour post-licensing course and an ALUMNI Membership.

It’s common to get these packages for a discount of a few hundred dollars per package. All packages also include a placement guarantee, career exposes, practice exams, and a math review course.

You can choose the in-person classes, Livestream classes, or the online self-paced courses from Hondros College. Both the in-person and Livestream options offer schedules and a bit more structure.

3. Sinclair College

You can take the Ohio real estate pre-licensing course through Sinclair College. They offer three different options to complete the course and become an agent. You can choose from the following:

  • Associate of Applied Science Degree – You can actually get a degree in real estate from Sinclair College. This will take longer but does offer an option if you prefer to get a degree.
  • Ohio Real Estate Sales Associate – This certificate program is the most commonly used for new agents. It’s a 120-hour pre-licensing education course.
  • Real Estate Sales Professional – Another option for getting your real estate license, you can use this course, if you prefer.

The Ohio Real Estate Sales Associate certificate from Sinclair College offers the four pre-licensing classes you need. It can be completed 100% online in as little as 8 weeks. The pricing is as follows:

  • Montgomery County Residents – $1,340 for the in-person class or $1,407 for the online class.
  • Ohio Residents – $1,765 for the in-person option or $1,832 for the online option.
  • Out-of-State Students – $3,079 for the in-person options or $3,147 for the online class.

You will be able to complete the pre-licensing education you need through this option.

If you choose the Real Estate Sales Professional certification from Sinclair College, you will get a little bit more. This program offers a 120-hour pre-licensing course, along with courses in communication. You will take an introduction to software applications, interpersonal communication, and an English composition course with this certification.

4. Kaplan

While you cannot complete the 120-hour pre-licensing course with Kaplan, you can get the exam prep you need. They offer a complete package with access to the QBank. This exam prep option is $99 and offers the National PSI Drill and Practice QBank and the Ohio Real Estate Drill and Practice QBank.

You get simulated license exams, the ability to see answer explanations, and so much more with this option. If you need exam prep, Kaplan is a good option.

5.  Mbition

Another good exam prep option is Mbition. They offer the Exam Prep Plus package for $59 and the Master Exam Prep package for $129. However, both are just for the national portion of the exam.

The Exam Prep Plus option will give you access to 1,000+ practice questions with a testing and a training mode. It also offers feedback reporting. If you upgrade to the Master Exam Prep package, you will also get the real estate exam prep toolkit and the MathMaster course.

Frequently Asked Questions About Becoming a Real Estate Agent in Ohio

What type of salary can I earn in Ohio as a real estate agent?

According to the list of states and the salaries for real estate agents, in Ohio, you can earn an average of $72,184 per year. This comes from and also shows a monthly wage of just over $6K per year. shows the average salary for a Realtor at $77K. This salary goes up quite a bit after six years of experience as an agent. Some of the top Ohio real estate companies pay well over $100K for good Realtors.

What are the basic requirements to become a real estate agent in Ohio?

You must be 18 years of age or older and a United State citizen or legal alien to get a real estate license in Ohio. It’s also important to have a good reputation. Candidates need to have a high school diploma or equivalent, too.

If you have been convicted of a crime or felony, you might not be able to get your real estate license. This is specifically true of crimes in the past two years. Applicants with a criminal history will be handled on a case-by-case basis by the Ohio Division of Real Estate.

What can I expect with the Ohio real estate exam?

The real estate exam in Ohio will include 120 total multiple-choice questions. You will have three hours to complete the exam. The national portion will include 80 questions, while the state section will include 40 questions.

You will need to get 60 questions correct on the national section and 30 correct on the national section to pass. If you don’t pass either part, you will need to retake it and pay an additional fee. This must be done within 12 months.

Is the Ohio real estate exam difficult?

The Ohio real estate exam isn’t easy. About one out of four will fail the national section, while one out of two will fail the state section. If you want to make sure you pass on the first try, make sure you get the right exam prep course.

How fast can I become a real estate agent in Ohio?

For most people, it will take two or three months to get your real estate license. The pre-licensing course usually takes at least eight weeks to complete. Plus, you will have to go through the application process. The background check can take more than a week to complete, as well.

While most people will need two or three months, you may need more time. Sometimes, it can take as long as six months to become a real estate agent in Ohio. It depends on how fast you work through the pre-licensing course and if you pass the exam on the first try.

What is the cost to become a real estate agent in Ohio?

The cost to become a real estate agent in Ohio is higher than in other states. You will pay a $65 charge for the background check, along with a $60 license fee. You will also pay $61 for each attempt to pass the real estate exam in Ohio.

The most expensive part of the process is the pre-licensing course. This course costs more than $700, in most cases. You may spend as much as $2,000 for this course, or even more if you decide to get a degree or a certificate through a college.

Once you become a real estate agent, you will also have to complete ten hours of post-licensing education. This will also come with a cost of $100 to $200.

If you want to become a real estate agent in Ohio, you will need the pre-licensing course. Make sure you compare the best online real estate schools in Ohio before you make your final decision.

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