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Over two million years ago. That’s when humans added meat to our diet. In our pre-meat days, nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables were the key components of what humans ate to live.

Why? Well, plant-based foods were considerably easier as a food source. No hunting, chasing or aiming required. But energy-wise, fruits and veggies weren’t quite as calorie-dense. When man added meat to the equation, we found a new source of protein and healthy fats: a solid equation for more sustenance and energy.

We started eating meat, and we haven’t looked back.

Fast forward millions of years. Across the globe, it is common for people to incorporate meat as a regular part of their everyday meals. Meat from cows, chickens, fish and pig are often found within all types of dishes, whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner.

But what if you, carnivorous one, are sick of the same ole’ steak and potatoes situation? Maybe you’re looking for new flavors, tastes, smells, but you want the same protein-rich sustenance and heartiness found in your favorite meat sources?

We think it’s time you take a walk on the wild side.

Nowadays, numerous wild game restaurants are popping up across the country. Their menus feature a variety of interesting meats, ranging from pretty mild to downright exotic. Alligator, buffalo, rattlesnake, elk….pick your preference, and let your taste buds sing.

We get it. Questions arise when it comes to new tastes. But hey, that’s where we come in. If you’re unsure of where to try big game, or what to try, look no further than these five restaurants. They’ve each built a solid reputation on their delicious wild game delicacies. Their ambiance isn’t too shabby, either.

Go ahead. You might just be one trip away from finding your new favorite food.

The Fort

#1. The Fort

Location: Morrison, Colorado

Unleash your inner Western outlaw here. Everything about The Fort is straight from the gunslinging days of the wild, wild west. The award-winning restaurant is a historical replica of Bent’s Old Fort, which was Colorado’s first fur trading post. We’re talking full-size, adobe building. The restaurant only use recipes with ingredients that were actually available in Colorado back in the 1830s. World leaders and American presidents have wined and dined here. The Fort holds the top spot of selling more buffalo steaks than any other independently-owned restaurant in the whole country. Yippee-Ki-Yay.

Gun Barrel Steak and Game House

#2. The Gun Barrel Steak & Game House

Location: Jackson, Wyoming

Locally owned and operated since 1993, the Gun Barrel Steak & Game House is named after a small east Texas town called Gun Barrel City. When you walk in, make sure to bring your appetite and your iPhone, ‘cause you’ll be scarfing down game meat and taking selfies with Winchester the Bison. The large buffalo is one of multiple animal monuments, antique guns, and legit cowboy artifacts that decorate the restaurant…which used to be the Wyoming Wildlife Museum & Taxidermy. Other cool artifacts on display: Hank Williams’s 1800 buffalo coat from his Lone Wolf album, and a .82 caliber rampart gun forged from 1700s India. Menu items include: velvet elk, buffalo ribs, and venison bratwurst.

Sammys Wild Game and Grill

#3. Sammy’s Wild Game Grill

Location: Houston, Texas

They call themselves a “meat lover’s paradise,” and for good reason. Sammy’s offers the largest variety of wild game and exotic meats in Houston, Texas. It’s time you bust outside of your comfort zone. Why get any ole’ hamburger when you can get an ostrich burger? Sammy’s Wild Game Grill’s puts a wild spin on their meat-packed menu. The chili-cheese fries can be topped with rattlesnake. Your hot dog can be made of kangaroo. Always wanted to try antelope, water buffalo, alpaca, camel, python, or iguana…? How about pheasant, wild boar, alligator or piranha? Dreams come true here. You’re welcome.

The Fish House

#4. The Fish House

Location: Key Largo, Florida

If you’re tired of “land meats” and want to go under the sea, we’ve included this restaurant for you. Sure, lots of places say they have “fresh fish.” But The Fish House has FRESH. FISH. We’re talking right out of the water-fresh. The Fish House is part cafe, part market, and it was featured on the Food Network. Each week, local fishermen bring up to 4,000 pounds of Florida fish straight to The Fish House back door. These high-quality fish are filleted on-site, prepared, smoked, and served with perfection. Finish off with their award-winning key lime pie and you’ll be more stuffed than a lobster (See what we did there? Yeah, it’s not as funny as we thought it would be, either).

Sergeantsville Inn

#5. The Sergeantsville Inn

Location: Sergeantsville, New Jersey

Wild game meets fine dining here at this historic inn-turned restaurant. If you want to impress your girlfriend’s parents or celebrate Nana’s 90th birthday, this is the place to try. Their mouth-menu items are as delicious as they sound: Double-cut Wild Boar Rack. Braised Australian Lamb Shank. Buffalo Hangar Steak. Free Tip: Don’t drool on the menu. This is a classy establishment.