The 7 Best EMT Certification Programs of 2022

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The health care industry is one of the fastest-growing fields today. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 2.6 million new health care jobs are anticipated by the year 2030. This number represents more new jobs than any other occupational group. 

The job explosion is not limited to professionals with advanced degrees: Many other health care positions are quickly becoming available as well, including the role of an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). All states require EMTs to be licensed, but the specific requirements for licensure/certification vary by state. 

If you are considering a career in the health care industry but are not interested in investing the time (and expense) it would take to get an advanced degree to become a medical doctor or a nurse, you may consider signing up for a program that offers an EMT certification.

An EMT responds to emergency 911 calls and performs necessary medical interventions when a person is en route to a medical facility. The EMT provides care such as assessing the patient’s condition, managing the airway and circulation (administering CPR when necessary), as well as handling trauma emergencies. EMTs often work as first responders, transporting patients via ambulance or even helicopter to health care facilities. They can also be on call at sporting events or other community gatherings that anticipate medical emergencies.

Becoming an EMT is a great career option for people who are compassionate, have good interpersonal, listening, and problem-solving skills, and are physically fit—the job requires a lot of lifting, bending, and kneeling.

To be successful as an EMT, you must enjoy a fast-paced work environment and be able to function well under pressure. There are many training program options available; here are our top picks.