The 7 Best Meditation Courses that Actually Help – E-Student

“The Essential Guide to Meditation” is another one of my favorite online classes for medication. This video-course covers everything you need to know about meditation theory and practice. It is structured in a manner to suit everyone – from total beginners to people who have meditated for years. The course is led by the charismatic Charlie Knoles, a veteran Vedic meditation teacher. He has taught everyone from nurses to A-list Hollywood stars.

So, what does this class teach? In the first group of lessons, we will get a solid overview of meditation. We will learn why is it important, how to start your practice, and what you could expect to gain from the course. The next group of lessons will focus on improving your concentration through meditation. Attendees are given several examples of areas of life that will benefit from greater concentration through meditation. We are then lectured on our energies and how to guide them to our benefit through breathing exercises. This is a very practical module full of mindfulness exercises to instantly incorporate into your routine. Mindfulness meditation is also the theme of the next module. You will be taught how to bring awareness to your life. By being more aware of your emotions, you will learn to manage your various stressors in a healthy manner. The last two modules mainly focus on self-discovery and implementation of the learned techniques. You will learn to incorporate the learned exercises in real life and thus learning to know yourself better.

Overall, this is one of the most compelling online meditation courses currently available. The experience of Mr. Knoles clearly shows. The material of 6 modules and 44 video courses is extensive and informative, yet it does never stray from the course or overwhelm the attendees.