The 8 Best Free Online Homeschool Math Curriculums

While homeschooling can be costly, you don’t have to break the bank to fund a great math education for your kids.

With these free online homeschool math curriculums and resources, you can give your homeschooled child an excellent math education without spending a cent.

What to Consider When Choosing a Homeschool Math Curriculum

The beauty of homeschooling is its flexibility. When you use free online math programs, you can find full, comprehensive math courses. Or, you can pull together resources to create your own course, tailored to your child’s needs.

With no charge options, you might have to do a little more legwork, and you’ll often have to take care of the assessment portion yourself, but the work is worth it for the savings.

If you need help organizing yourself and your kids, many homeschool printables and templates are available online. Remember that online math games and math apps can help kids consolidate their learning too.

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Flipped Math is based on the “flipped classroom” philosophy of mastery learning. This means that students access video lectures at home, and use class time to work through practice problems, complete assessments, and get help from the teacher.

Although this site is meant for classrooms, its lessons are perfect for homeschoolers too. Comprehensive courses include algebra, pre-calculus, geometry, and AP calculus. All the videos are available online, and families can download practice materials, answer keys, and corrective assignments.

You can choose to watch the videos in the original format or with common core standards. Mastery assessments are not included with free courses.

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On this website, you can find math courses that include digital textbooks with images, videos, and practice activities. You can create accounts for your kids, and then assign courses to be completed by a specific date.

You can also modify courses by adding, moving, or deleting chapters. Students can change the text’s font size and color, as well as highlight sections as they progress through the course. Parents can create quizzes to assess retention, and can also print progress reports throughout the course.

Screenshot of Easy Peasy Homeschool

Easy Peasy is a free online curriculum that covers all subjects, but you can pick and choose the courses and the grade levels you want your students to study. On this site, 180-day math courses are laid out for students at each grade level. You can choose from level one to pre-algebra, according to the individual abilities of your children.

When your kids open the program, they can follow instructions to read lessons, watch videos, play online games, and print worksheets. They may be directed to other math sites, such as Khan Academy or MasterMath for specific lessons.

Algebra, geometry, trigonometry, pre-calculus, and calculus are available on the Easy Peasy’s High School Site. Like its sister site, the high school version arranges each course in a 180-day format.

Quizzes and final exams are also included. Students can access exam answers and are expected to self-grade them. Easy Peasy makes use of other free math sites, such as CK-12 and NROC throughout each secondary course.

Screenshot of Khan Academy

While Khan Academy has expanded to include many subjects, it is still a fantastic resource for homeschool math, from kindergarten through the secondary grades. There are even SAT prep, college prep, and college-level courses if your high school student wants to get ahead.

Create a parent account, add your children as students, and assign lessons or courses to each child, according to their needs. Students can check their learning with quizzes, unit tests, and challenges.

Meanwhile, parents can track their child’s progress from the dashboard. With this program, you’re not limited to specific grade levels, so you can individualize courses as necessary.

Using a different curriculum? No problem, you can still use Khan Academy to look up specific concepts and watch the corresponding videos.

Screenshot of Udemy Website

If you check out the free math courses on the online teaching platform, Udemy, you’ll find nearly 200 standalone video classes, starting at the middle school level and addressing certain subjects.

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These videos are probably not going to work as a full curriculum, but students can dive into courses that appeal to them. If you’re looking for courses in other languages, you might find them here too.

Some great free math programs on Udemy include:

Screenshot of MasterMath Website

If you’re looking for 6th, 7th, or 8th-grade math courses, MasterMath has you covered. Courses include videos, worksheets, online quizzes, and recommendations for further study in each lesson.

Unit tests and final exams with answer keys are also included. Keep in mind that the course author recommends supplementing each lesson with more practice using free internet resources, such as printable worksheets.

Screenshot of ExtraMath Website

XtraMath doesn’t provide a comprehensive curriculum, but kids can still use this resource to master basic math facts. Spending just a few minutes a day practicing addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division through timed practice questions and games can help develop fluency and automaticity.

When you create a parent account and add each of your children, you can easily track their progress and see where they might be struggling.

Screenshot of YouTube Math Videos

Your child can always use YouTube to look up specific videos to help explain a lesson they’ve learned elsewhere. Alternatively, you can decide what you’d like your child to learn and add videos to a playlist.

There are many YouTube channels to help your kids when they get stuck. CTC Math, for example, has great video tutorials at each grade level. Mathantics also has many playlists filled with engaging topic-centered videos.

Students who have trouble learning from a textbook might benefit from videos they can watch, pause, rewind, and re-watch. Plus, these online teachers often create fun, engaging videos that students love.

Music videos can also really help kids retain math facts. Try Math Songs by NUMBEROCK or Mr. DeMaio to help with memorization.

Yes, You Can Homeschool Your Math Student for Free

There are so many online options for homeschool math education. Some come with a hefty price tag, but you can find great resources on a budget too.

Whether you’re looking for full, comprehensive courses, or supplements to help your kids who struggle, you can easily find what you’re looking for in these free online homeschool math curriculums.