The 8 Best Online Dog Training Courses of 2022

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Whether you’re looking for an in-depth video series or live classes conducted via Zoom, we’ve rounded up our picks for the best online training courses for dogs of all ages, breeds, and temperaments.

There are plenty of reasons to explore an online dog training class instead of an in-person program. Maybe your busy schedule doesn’t allow you to drive out to a training school once a week. Or, maybe your dog struggles with car rides. Whatever the case, there are dozens of stellar training programs you and your pup can enjoy from the comfort of your living room.

Puppy Trained Right memberships cost about $299, and you get one year of access to all of the site’s training content. Its methods are based on positive reinforcement, and the video-based format gives you the flexibility to work at your pace rather than committing to a class schedule.

Once you sign up, you’ll receive a series of puppy training videos to watch in a sequence, each covering an obedience skill like loose leash walking, teaching fetch, and impulse control. In addition to the video content, you’ll also get access to over 30 articles pertaining to potty training, crates, and plenty of other important topics.

The skills your dog learns as a puppy serve as the foundation for the rest of its training. Puppy Trained Right’s online course covers all the skills you’ll need to give your puppy the best start.

Packages with Peach on a Leash start at about $299 and increase from there, depending on your specific plan. If you’re local, you can also start online classes and move to in-person as you see fit. We like these online dog training courses because they allow you to customize your experience to exactly what your dog needs to focus on.

Its remote online dog training courses provide access to a certified trainer and behaviorists, as well as customizable coursework to focus on areas that your dog needs the most help with. Trainers will follow up after each session via email or phone to answer any questions or help you along in areas where your pup is stuck. Get help with everything from new puppy behavior training to manners and obedience for your adult dog.

Though Peach on a Leash is based in Alpharetta, Georgia, it offers an online dog training course that’s perfect for anyone who wants more individualized training.

Courses range in cost from around $65 to $260 and typically take six weeks to complete. In that time, you will have access to online classes, and depending on the level of membership you opt for, you’ll have access to a trainer to ask questions. (Bronze memberships don’t allow for feedback, but with silver and gold you can ask for one-on-one help.) There are also forums for other students to interact and collaborate with throughout the lesson.

Classes cover everything from agility and behavior to health and fitness. There’s always a new online course starting, so you can usually find one to fit your busy schedule. You can also opt for webinars and quick study programs for short tips and tricks.

The Fenzi Dog Sports Academy (FDSA) is an online dog training school that offers many different courses and focuses for dogs of all ages. What sets this online training school apart, though, is that you can revisit course materials for a year after you complete the training, allowing you to go over lessons if your dog is a slower learner.

Her membership packages range from about $40 to $99, and she also offers a la carte videos on numerous training topics, as well as plenty of free clips and written content (which is available in seven different languages).

Each membership plan offers original weekly videos covering training concepts like puppy manners, tricks, and building focus in your dog. She’s also currently offering a standalone course dedicated entirely to developing leash-walking skills. Larlham’s videos use a form of positive training she calls progressive reinforcement, which uses humane techniques that don’t involve the physical or psychological intimidation of your dog.

San Diego-based trainer Emily Larlham is best known for her YouTube channel Kikopup, which offers a wealth of free training content. Those videos provide a great jumping-off point for your training, but for more in-depth and exclusive material, we recommend the membership program offered through the website of her training business, Dogmantics.

He uses only positive training techniques, and George’s bright personality and high-production quality make his channel compulsively watchable.

If you’re looking to structure your training using George’s videos, his YouTube page offers playlists, organizing his clips into step-by-step programs focusing on puppies, games of fetch, and other training focuses.

While his training clips don’t take the form of a traditional course, the sheer number of videos means that nearly every topic is covered, from puppy training to leash walking to complex skills and tricks.

Zak George is one of the premier dog trainers creating online content—his free YouTube videos have received millions of views, making him the platform’s most-subscribed trainer.

All Day Dog Adventures’ online courses range from about $100 to $180 and typically include between four and six once-a-week sessions. Expect its offerings to continue to expand, as the school plans to add courses for therapy dog training and a host of other topics.

While All Day Dog Adventures offers the expected puppy training and basic skills classes, it also has courses dedicated entirely to areas like scent training and agility. In addition to group lessons, it offers one-on-one consultations with a private trainer to focus on behavioral issues or obedience topics specific to your needs.

If you’re looking for an online training service that offers more than just the basics, check out All Day Dog Adventures. This Montana-based school has a wide variety of online courses that lets you set your own schedule while working closely (via Zoom) with certified trainers.

Petco currently provides three Zoom-led group classes, each of which is about $99 for four sessions. Its Puppy Basics class covers foundational skills like potty training and coming when called, while Adult Basics helps you reinforce positive behaviors and help your dog adjust to meeting new people or experiencing unfamiliar environments. Another more advanced course helps you address specific behaviors while teaching cues like “leave it.”

You likely already know Petco as a big-name source of pet supplies, but did you know they also offer stellar training services? While the chain typically conducts classes in-store, it’s expanded its online offerings considerably—all of which are on the affordable end of the price spectrum.

Classes with SIRIUS start at about $160 and consist of three to five weeks of sessions. Each group of lessons runs around 50 minutes, and it’s easy to view the current course schedule and sign up online.

Unlike online classes based on sets of pre-recorded video, SIRIUS has a live online classroom format using Zoom. Class sizes are small (no more than six students total) and are hosted by an experienced trainer. Current course offerings include puppy manners, puppy training 1, and basic manners (for dogs over 18 weeks). Plus, there are classes focused on redirecting rowdy behavior and building leash skills. The school plans to add more advanced lessons in the near future.

Back in 1982, Dr. Ian Dunbar, one of the most famous names in the history of dog training, developed his SIRIUS puppy program. Today, you can take advantage of his innovative techniques in convenient online courses offered by SIRIUS Puppy and Dog Training.

How We Chose the Best Online Dog Training Courses 

To find the best online dog training courses, we sifted through many available courses to find those that offered the most diversity in training with the best reviews. We considered customer reviews, pricing, accessibility, and free options. But two big factors that helped us determine which services landed on our list were reputation and the ability to customize training.

We picked courses like Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution after reading hundreds of testimonials from real-life dog owners. While many of our picks are nationally recognized, we also chose to feature programs like Peach on a Leash, which is highly rated and offers great customizable options for a tailored experience. The range of pricing at Petco makes it a great value and an ideal budget option.

How Long Does It Take to Train a Dog?

Most online dog training courses last about six weeks, but you shouldn’t expect your dog to be fully trained at the end of just one course. Many dog trainers work with their clients for years and expect owners to keep up with training even after the courses are completed. 

Most experts say that by six months, your dog should have a solid foundation of training to work with and should be sufficiently bonded with you to follow commands and display an eagerness to learn. That said, every dog is different, so be flexible in your training and overall expectations.

What Are the Benefits of Online Dog Training Courses?

Although in-person training definitely has its pros, online training courses are perfect for busy dog owners who struggle to commit to a weekly class with their pup. Many online dog training lessons allow you to work on your own schedule, so you don’t have to sacrifice dog training if you’re busy with work or family.

If you are seeking more one-on-one training, opt for a course that offers individual training with a real expert who can help you through your dog’s journey.