The 8 Best Online Japanese Courses for 2022 – E-Student

Course instructor: The Japan Foundation is an organization that promotes Japanese language and culture around the world. They have a few different courses where you can learn Japanese free online. They run a course called ‘Marugoto’ which is the best general beginner course that you can find for free. 

Who can take this course: The course is well suited for beginners who are just starting out and would like an online self-study course, which is more structured and formal than the other courses on this list. You submit assignments online and even get a certificate at the end. There is also an online noticeboard for students where you can chat about your experience learning Japanese with other students across the world. But do keep in mind, you can do everything at your own pace so you don’t have to worry about burning out.

What you’ll learn: Marugoto has lots of pictures and lots of listening practice. It has an easy to use, fun and interactive format.

There are actually two options you can choose from Marugoto ‘katsudoo’ or ‘katsudoo & rikai’. The ‘katsudoo’ course focuses on listening and speaking for everyday situations. The other option covers the same listening and speaking lessons, but you will also learn how to read and write in Japanese and you will study more grammar. The course is available in a few different languages, including Spanish, Indonesian and Thai. To take the course, you have to register (for free) on the Japan Foundation Minato e-learning portal. It does have a testing system as well to determine the level of skill you are at and based on the results will recommend a starting level for you.

What people say: It has received praise from many users and a lot of language learners and teachers alike swear by it. 

Verdict: I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It is well put together, has solid materials, well thought out lesson structures and has a ton of material. You also get a certificate for completion. i definitely recommend any beginner to give this course a go.