The Appalachian Restaurant – Firefly Gatlinburg

The Appalachian Restaurant

The Appalachian Restaurant is a great place to go!

They have some of the best things to eat that I’ve ever had! Me being a 13 year old it’s usually hard to find things I like but this place is great!

I had the Appalachian burger with a special sauce and wow it was one of the best burgers I’ve ever had! We had the fried skins and fried green tomatoes, personally I don’t eat fried green tomatoes but my mom said they were pretty good! And the fried skins were delicious!

The burger was pretty big but I was able to eat all of it, well almost lol! But if you don’t eat a lot on your own I suggest you share.

The people who work there are so nice and kind. They have a wide variety for you and your family! They have a wide variety of drinks too for the adults! I think you will have a great family meal there!

Right around the corner or two there is a sculpture of dolly to take pics at so head down there is you like it’s really nice! In the parking lot there is a butterfly painting and you can take pics too!

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