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What are the best Japanese takeout spots?

These are the best Japanese takeout spots in Palo Alto, CA:

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What are people saying about japanese restaurants in Palo Alto, CA?

This is a review for japanese restaurants in Palo Alto, CA:

“There are nice ways to turn away guests when your restaurant is full, and then there’s the way Daigo does it.

Came here with my wife and 2 year old about 30 mins after they opened, restaurant was about 50% capacity, asked politely if they’d be able to seat 3. A staff member aggressively shook his head no at us, told us in a pretty stern and annoyed voice that they were “reservations only”, and we were driven out of the restaurant like we were hooligans or something.

Japanese culture is known for their hospitality, and this 30 second exchange was enough for me to say I’ll never in my lifetime be returning to this restaurant, especially when there are so many other highly rated restaurants in the area.”

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