THE BEST 10 Korean Restaurants near Annandale, VA – Last Updated September 2022 – Yelp

What are the best korean restaurants that cater?

These are the best korean restaurants that cater near Annandale, VA:

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What are people saying about korean restaurants near Annandale, VA?

This is a review for korean restaurants near Annandale, VA:

“This spot is awesome! On some days… and a whole miss on others… we came on a regular day craving korean food, always trying to order a variety of food with something new. some are good and some are really not… one thing that we REALLY DONT RECOMMEND. #39. Yookgaejang kalguksu… so disappointing what is this.. so bland …the noodles.. theres no chili oil, theres no flavor, just taste like its hot water with some pepper flakes. We asked for “da-dae-gi” their hot chili paste for pork soup. We put the whole plate of da-dae-gi in the soup and it was still unpleasant… #7. Bulgogi was ok, a bit over seasoned, but I guess it balanced out the bland noodles. There are other foods in this restaurant that is def worth trying. Like #25, their hot spicy chicken stew.”

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