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“I was looking for a store nearby that sold Torani syrups for a reasonable price and this store popped up for me so I decided to give it a try and I’m so glad I did!!

Are you looking for sugar free? Regular? Syrups for your coffee or soda? Syrups for desserts? Really anything you can think of to add a little flavor pop? This is your store! For a 25.4 oz bottle it’s only $5.19. They also have DaVinci syrups which I love adding in my coffee (my personal favorite is amaretto) it smells and tastes amazing in iced coffee.

Whether you come here just for the syrups or to shop around for bulk items, this is a restaurant supply store so there are lots of fun things to look at, this is your store. Come by and check it out you won’t be disappointed.”

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