The Best Babysitting Certification Programs of 2022


What Is a Babysitting Certification Program?

There’s no one standardized “babysitter certification,” but there are many organizations offering their own programs to help babysitters become more knowledgeable in child care and prepared for their new responsibilities as a sitter.

Many of these classes are offered in-person, although there are more and more online options now, too. They are typically designed by child care and first aid safety experts, with in-person classes usually taught by these experts as well. Some online courses are self-administered, meaning you can follow the program on your own and at your own speed, while others are run by virtual instructors.

Who Should Consider Taking a Babysitting Certification Program?

Anyone who will be caring for school-age children in a home environment would benefit from taking a babysitting certification class. Although they are geared toward young adults and teens, adults are usually welcome to participate as well.

It’s especially beneficial if you are hoping to make good money babysitting—with a certification, you may be offered jobs from families looking for more experienced sitters and you may be able to negotiate a slightly higher rate if, for example, you know infant CPR.

What Will You Learn From a Babysitting Certification Program?

The material covered depends on the class. Some are simply introductions to child care, teaching you basic infant and newborn care, activity planning, and what to do in an emergency. Others are more in-depth, adding in education about setting your babysitting rates and presenting yourself confidently in family interviews. Most include simple first aid and safety education, though not all have certification for infant and child CPR.

How Much Do Babysitting Certification Programs Cost?

Most babysitting certification programs run about $45. Some are a bit more expensive, depending on the course materials and resources included. None of the programs we researched cost more than $100.

The only exception is if you’re incorporating a CPR component or taking a separate CPR course; because of the level of expertise needed to certify you in lifesaving procedures with qualified instructors, this can add another $100, on average, to your overall training expenses.

How We Chose the Best Babysitting Certification Programs

If you want your babysitting credentials to make an impact with families, you’ll have to get them from a reputable source. With that in mind, we chose programs offered by well-known organizations, like the American Heart Association and the American Red Cross, so you know your course has been designed by knowledgeable experts. We also looked for programs that provide you with a certificate at the end, so hiring families can verify your credentials.

To make things a bit easier, we tried to only select courses that were available in full online. This is the case for every training on this list except for the hands-on session required to complete the AHA’s Heartsaver training.

We also strived to select certification programs that are affordable. We liked the range of education and resources offered online through Safe Sitter, which is why that company was our top pick. Kidproof offers a comprehensive program as well, and considering the cost is only $45, it's a solid budget-friendly pick.