The Best Chinese Restaurants in and Around Rockville, MD – DARCARS 355 Toyota of Rockville Blog

If you’re looking for a trusted list of some of the best Chinese restaurants around Rockville, MD, we’ve got you covered. Rockville has a great selection of authentic and American Chinese food, from noodle houses to cafes. Continue reading to learn more!

A & J Restaurant

A & J specializes in authentic Northern Chinese food. While you won’t find American Chinese staples like General Tso’s chicken or egg drop soup, you’ll love more authentic dishes, like their Dan Dan Mian noodles, Peking Beef, or Chinese-style fried chicken! Locals have been enjoying this spot for decades, but make sure you bring cash if you visit since they’re still a cash-only restaurant.


Bob’s Shanghai 66

If you go to Bob’s Shanghai 66, you must try their soup dumplings (“xiao long bao”). These savory delicacies come in either pork or crab and are so delicious they alone are worth a trip to this quaint yet casual restaurant. Like many Dim Sum places, their menu is massive, and the weekends are busy, so come early to avoid the crowd!

East Pearl Restaurant

This family-owned Cantonese restaurant has been serving Rockville for years and never disappoints. They have all the standard BBQ meats (chicken, roasted pork, duck) and the portions are generous and tasty. You really can’t go wrong with a single dish on their menu!

Shanghai Taste

If you’re looking for authentic Shanghainese food, look no further than Shanghai Taste. This locally owned and operated restaurant offers all your old favorites along with some authentic dishes you can’t get anywhere else. Their signature, must-try item is their pan-fried pork bao!



We know our Chinese food here in Rockville, and you can’t go wrong with any of our favorite restaurants above! Are you looking for more places to visit in the area? Check out all the reasons we love living in Rockville today!