The Best Discontinued ’90s Snacks That We Need To Come Back!!

The 90s (and early-2000s) blessed us all with funky, colorful, and super-sugary foods and drinks! But sadly, not all of them stuck around and were eventually discontinued.

Here is our top list of 90s snacks that we miss so dearly!

Doritos 3Ds

Doritos has tried a number of flavors and styles when it comes to their cheesy chips, but none were more enterprising than Doritos 3Ds. They basically looked and tasted like a regular Dorito that was puffed up with air in the middle, and they were amazing. They also came in canisters where the lid turned into a bowl


Dunkaroos were every kids’ favorite snack. Graham crackers that you can dip in a tub of frosting, what could be better!? Unfortunately, a whole generation had to grow up without these amazing treats in their lunchbox, as Betty Crocker discontinued their production.


Before there was Monster or Red Bull, Surge was all the talk as the highly-caffeinated soda that kids loved. The citrus-flavored soda was controversial, as parents worried about its health effects and schools even banned it, and it was finally discontinued. It did make a minor resurgence (no pun intended) recently, and its sales proved that it still had a wide appeal.


When it came to fruit juice in the ’90s, Squeezeits plastic bottles were the king. They were portable, easy to use, and you didn’t need a cup. Unfortunately, they were discontinued in 2001, so kids who didn’t grow up in the ’90s can’t experience them.

EZ Squirt Ketchup

Heinz’s attempt to market ketchup to kids is considered one of the biggest food flops of all time, but a look at those bizarre colored ketchup bottles will instantly fill you with ’90s nostalgia. While the idea of ketchup that is purple or green is still pretty unappealing, it was a big idea that we can never forget.

Sprite Remix

Technically, Sprite Remix isn’t a ’90s snack since it was introduced in the early 2000’s, but we are still counting it because of its loyal and nostalgic fans. Although the tropical flavored Sprite is coming back to stores, we unfortunately won’t be seeing the Berryclear or Aruba Jam flavors that we loved back in the day anytime soon.

Pepsi Blue

Pepsi went a little crazy with colors in the ’90s. After Crystal Pepsi flopped, the company put out Pepsi Blue, which was said to be berry-flavored but really tasted more like liquified cotton candy. Still, the short-lived soda was shocking, and garnered a good deal of fans that were very upset after it was discontinued.

Butterfinger BB’s

Butterfinger candies will never go away, but sadly this iteration did. Butterfinger BB’s turned the candy bar into bite-sized little pieces that were easy to eat. They were a favorite among many, including “The Simpsons,” but were unfortunately discontinued nonetheless.

PB Max

PB Max was loved by peanut butter lovers, everywhere! However, the Mars family (aka the people who owned the popular candy) developed a distaste for peanut butter and decided to stop selling PB Max.


Modeled after Pringles, Swoops made their debut in 2003. They were the chocolate innovation did NOT go according to plan. They were made to look like chips but have the flavor of your favorite chocolate candies, like Reese’s and Hershey’s. But because they were designed to look like Pringle chips, people just assumed that they were chocolate-covered chips and weren’t buying into it. Since Swoops were unsuccessful, they discontinued in 2006.

Ecto Cooler

Hi-C was determined to squeeze every bit of merchandising out the “Ghostbusters” franchise, and it worked out for them! Ecto Coolers became a hit throughout the late ’80s and ’90s, but the citrus juice box died down and was discontinued before the turn of the century.

Orbitz Drink

Today, Orbitz is more associated with the internet travel company than the food industry, but in the ’90s it was one of the most eye-catching soft drinks available. The fruit drinks were unique in that they included small edible balls that floated in the clear drink, giving the effect of a lava lamp. Unfortunately, the drink was quickly discontinued due to poor sales, but the company has talked about bringing them back for a short release to satisfy the nostalgic