The Best Free Online Photography Courses You Can Take During the COVID-19 Quarantine

Digital Photography Schools Online

During the peak of the pandemic, many of these digital photography schools offered free online photography courses to anyone around the world. While discounts and free online photography classes are no longer available, these are notable photography schools and courses that you can consider enrolling in.

The NYIP is an online-only for-profit organization offering a range of digital photography classes. While some of these digital photography online courses are paid for, they recently launched a free online camera course that has received stellar reviews among students all over the world. If you need some DSLR online courses to brush up on your technical skills, NYIP is a must.

Nikon Online School is offered by the popular camera brand, Nikon. The online photography courses offered by Nikon spans from holiday photos to video creation, environmental portraiture, and more. Courses are taught by professional photographers from around the world, as well as Nikon ambassadors. While a number of free online DSLR photography courses were offered during the pandemic, the photography classes are now paid. Besides their courses, the live stream events are also a great option to learn more about photography and listen to other professionals in the industry. If you need some free DSLR online courses to brush up on your technical skills, NYIP is a must.

If you’re a Canon user, check out the free online photography classes Canon has available on their website. They’re not as in-depth as some of the others on this list but provide a solid option to help you learn digital photography online.

Canon’s online photography courses include common topics such as taking a great selfie and snapping a drool-worthy pic of your latest home cooking adventure. Most of the articles and online photo classes are quick and easy to get through, making these a great option for beginner photographers who just need some guidance on getting started with online photography.

Also known as the PPA, the world’s largest nonprofit photography association is offering over 1100 free online photography classes through its digital photography school. When you register for a free account with PPA, you can check out all of the classes available.

In addition to a large collection of free digital photography classes online, they also offer videos and webinars led by industry professionals, entrepreneurial tips for photographers, recommended reading, and more. If you are looking to learn photography for free from the comfort of your own home, PPA is a great place to start

Professional Photography Courses

If you already know the basics of taking photos on your DSLR, Phlearn has some great free online professional photography courses that will help you with advanced photo editing and creating presets in Lightroom Classic, color matching in Photoshop, and even how to create patterns and vectors from your photography. Their tutorials are often under ten minutes long, making these a good option if you prefer to learn in small doses based on your specific interests.

PetaPixel has a huge variety of free online photography courses for beginners and experts alike. Whether you need to learn how to preserve the highlights in your images in post-production, how to pack your gear when you’re out on a shoot, or how to photography reflective products, this catalog of free tutorials is packed full of value, and they’re constantly adding even more awesome new tutorials.

Shawn Academy is a globally recognized provider of photography courses online for free and paid. Their classes on photography are fun and feature activities that are tailored to a younger audience while also being accredited. This means that kids of all ages can begin to get their photography certification online from your home. If you are looking for trusted online digital photography courses for children, Shawn Academy is a great place to start.

If you’re interested in photography lessons online from an academic and scientific perspective in order to fully understand how to take a good picture, this Stanford Professor Emeritus has a series of his lectures based on a digital photography course he taught at Stanford University. While they feature elements reminiscent of a professional photography course, these classes are designed for those with no prior knowledge of photography, so you definitely don’t have to be a professional photographer to take this course. You will, however, need a digital camera (not a smartphone) if you wish to take part in the optional weekly assignments.

If you want to learn how to get perfect lighting in your photos no matter what the circumstances, this free online photography course is the place to start. This course is more geared towards intermediate photographers who already understand the main functions of their cameras. In addition to your DSLR camera, you’ll need to purchase a flash for this free photography course if you don’t have one already.

If one of your goals as a photographer is to create punchy images that catch viewers’ eyes as they scroll on social media, this online photography class led by Anna Devís and Daniel Rueda through Domestika is a great place to start. The course is often offered for a discount, so you can check out the website to see when it’s on sale. Spanish speakers will feel right at home, but don’t worry if you aren’t fluent: subtitles are available in English, Portuguese, and Spanish as well.

If you’re looking to learn more about photography or improve your photography skills, the free photography course from Karl Taylor Education is a great choice. The course is taught by a professional photographer with over 30 years of experience in the industry. The photography course contains 3 modules covering topics about exposure, shutter speed, camera mechanics, camera lens, and more.

India’s first and only custom-designed Professional Photography Institute, Light and Life Academy is founded by one of India’s leading photographers. Offering a Diploma in Documentary, Travel, and Nature Photography, as well as a Post-Graduate Diploma in Professional Photography, Light and Life is a great choice for photographers based in India and looking to sharpen their skills.

Online Photography Classes For Kids

Taking Photography courses online doesn’t always have to be a serious endeavor. A lot of online photography courses teach children the basics of photography in a fun and enjoyable way. Digital photography online courses are also a great opportunity for kids to meet new friends with mutual interests in the arts. Most providers offer photography courses online for beginners through to advanced, so students of any age can find the perfect entry point for their level.

There are also several kinds of photography online classes to choose from; If your kids are juggling other activities, you might be better off choosing a few one-day online photography workshops, which are easier to fit in sporadically. On the other hand, if your child is looking for something more regular, many photography workshops online run weekly. We’ve rounded up some of the best photo courses for your kids during quarantine.

Kids Photography Academy is a well-established photography organization offering online digital photography classes specially designed for children. While many of their courses are paid for, there are also a few photography classes online for beginners for free, so kids can learn about photography for the first time.

Kids Photography Academy provides online camera classes, photo classes online, and general online photography courses for beginners. Whatever your child’s level, Kids Photography Academy has a good mix of content to match your child’s areas of interest and abilities.

Sharp Shots is all about getting people creative with their cameras and unlocking their creative potential. From the UK, they are the number one junior photography club, offering teens and kids photography courses and workshops. Through their courses, your children can learn the fundamental skills of photography and advance their skills.

Sharp Shots offer both online and in-person photography lessons. If you’re based in the UK, you can consider enrolling in their location workshops and Duke of Edinburg skills course too.