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Are you looking for the best Gordon Ramsay restaurants in New York? If so, keep reading!

Although Gordon Ramsay used to have multiple restaurants in New York (maze and The London were uber-popular back in the day!), they’ve now closed.

While this does make our list of the best Gordon Ramsay restaurants in New York a relatively short one, we felt that the newly opened Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips deserved a deep dive of its own.

I mean, who doesn’t love a delicious plate of glistening fish & chips drizzled with lemon juice and slathered with tartar sauce?

We know we do!

The only Gordon Ramsay restaurant in New York City is

“Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips”

There is actually only one Gordon Ramsay restaurant in New York. And it’s not actually open yet!

This is a recent addition to Gordon Ramsay restaurants in New York, it’s planned opening is late 2022. We’ve no doubt though… Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips will be a hit!

Inspired by the classic British dish ‘Fish and Chips’ you’ll find that this place is nostalgically British, and full of those classic English food favorites.

As the plans are for it to open in late 2022, we’ll keep you updated on the exact timings, when it does actually open. But for now, we know it’ll be located at 1500 Broadway.

It’s the only Gordon Ramsay restaurant in New York, so it is the newest addition to this celebrity chef’s NYC empire.

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As we mentioned, Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips is the name, and it follows the same design and concept as his other Fish & Chips places, in Las Vegas and Orlando. Expect lots of delicious food, and classic British decor, like Union Jack flags.

It’s plans are to be perched right in Times Square, it’s certainly one of the boldest Gordon Ramsay restaurants in New York (that’s perfect for a pre-theater dinner BTW!).

This place is categorized as a fast-casual restaurant that aims to get you served quickly. But that doesn’t mean you should expect poor-quality food – this is still one of the best Gordon Ramsay restaurants in New York, so you shouldn’t find anything less than high-quality eats.

We think that the combination of Times Square’s vibrant buzz, the views across the Square, and the delicious food were all major plusses at this spot.

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gordon ramsey restaurants in nycgordon ramsey restaurants in nycEditorial credit: Marcio Jose Bastos Silva /

As far as we know… when you arrive, you’ll be able to order from a selection of delicious menu items. Although the Fish & Chips is the main draw (as you might expect!), you’ll also be able to order other fried seafood like top-quality lobster or fried chicken with a Southern kick.

If you order the Fish & Chips, you can expect a generous portion of cod, piping-hot and fluffy chips, and a generous portion of tartar sauce. Oh, and don’t forget the lemon!

What if you fancy something different?

If you’re looking to increase the carb factor, this is one of the Gordon Ramsay Restaurants in New York known for its delicious specialty sandwich – the “Fishwich”!

It’s not quite like a traditional sandwich, as it’s made up of fresh naan bread and a huge portion of flaky cod. As it’s so unique, we feel it’s reason alone to add this spot to your list of Gordon Ramsay Restaurants in New York to check out. 

BONUS: My Top 3 Other Celebrity Chef Restaurants to Try Out!

Look, we know you came to this post, hoping to find more than one restaurant suggestion. So, with that in mind, we’ve actually put together a list of other celebrity chef restaurants in NYC you could check out.

Ok, these might not be Gordon Ramsay Restaurants in New York, but they’ll be just as good!

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Joanne Trattoria

If you’re a fan of Lady Gaga, then you’ll totally want to visit this restaurant owned by the superstar’s parents…. Joanne Trattoria.

It’s one of the best restaurants on the Upper West Side and is just steps from the Lincoln Center and Beacon Theater if you’re on the hunt for a pre-dinner nibble.

It’s not the cheapest spot in the world (though it won’t be out of reach for most NYC tourists) and serves up delicious Italian-American dishes that are bound to impress even the fussiest eaters.

While you’re chowing down on pizzas and pasta, you can enjoy the pleasant ambiance created by the open patio, cozy bar area, and roaring fireplaces that make this place seriously appealing during the winter months.

So, if you don’t feel like visiting the best Gordon Ramsay restaurants in New York, then this is an awesome alternative.


Another great alternative to the best Gordon Ramsay restaurants in New York is Aureole. It’s part of Charlie Palmer’s restaurant empire and opened way back in 1988.

If you’re wondering why we feel it’s a good option if you don’t feel like dining at the best Gordon Ramsay restaurants in New York, let us fill you in. It’s because it serves modern European and American-style dishes that are presented beautifully!

Much like Gordon, Charlie doesn’t let anything out of the kitchen that’s below-par.

You can either dine in the Aureole Liberty Room or the Aureole Dining Room. I’d say that the Liberty Room is better for a slightly more casual affair, while the Dining Room is designed for fine-dining lovers.

If you try nothing else, be sure to order the slow-braised veal cheek. It melts in your mouth and represents everything that upscale dining should be.

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Red Rooster

The final spot on our list of spots that rival the best Gordon Ramsay restaurants in New York is Red Rooster. It’s owned by Marcus Samuelsson who is from an Ethiopian and Swedish family that came to NYC after fleeing Civil War.

This spot is known for serving Southern comfort food with influences from East Africa, France, and Scandinavia. 

So, you can expect to find incredible dishes like shrimp and grits, chicken and waffles, and an incredible cornbread with sweet potato butter. 

But keep an eye out for items like Ms. Lana’s Lobster Roll and Spicy Jerk Salmon Bowl that beautifully adds Ethiopian flavors to the mix.

We’ve found that this was one of the best alternatives to Gordon Ramsay restaurants in New York as it’s extremely close to The Maze if you order a few appetizers.

As Gordon’s restaurant at The London is now closed, you can recreate the experience at Red Rooster if you try hard enough!

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We hope this post about Gordon Ramsay Restaurants in New York was helpful!