The Best Korean Food in Fort Lee, New Jersey – By Kimberly Kong

Looking for the best Korean restaurants in Fort Lee, New Jersey?  For those of you planning a trip soon, here’s a guide to a few must try places in the area.  Expect incredible food and to-die-for desserts that will leave your stomach and wallet completely and utterly satisfied.

Dong Bang Grill: The Best Korean BBQ in Fort Lee, New Jersey

best korean barbecue

Located on 1616 Palisade Avenue, Dong Bang Grill has some of the best Korean BBQ you’ll ever have.  Their banchan spread’s always impressive, and they only use quality meats.  Must-try cuts include their galbi (short ribs marinated in their house sauce), bulgogi (thinly sliced boneless ribeye in their house marinade), and saeng deung shim (non-marinated tender sirloin steak).

dong bang grill

The waitstaff there is always attentive, and like most traditional KBBQ places, they cook your meat for you.  Make sure you ask for raw garlic and peppers on the side.  You can dip them in gochujang (Korean chili paste) and enjoy them with rice or grill it alongside your meat for extra flavor.  Their stews are impressive as well.  If you like spicy, try their kimchi jjigae!

stewed egg fort lee

Where to get Delicious Tofu Stew in Fort Lee, New Jersey

BCD Tofu House is well known in the area.   They have several locations, including one in Manhattan’s Koreatown.  They’re usually always busy so expect a wait if you go during peak hours.  They have a big menu, but their forte is soontofu jjigae so definitely get that when you go because their BBQ is mediocre at best.

They have 10+ choices available, but their kimchi, mixed, seafood and mushroom are the most popular options.  You decide how spicy you want your soup, but plain and mild are no bueno.  Start with their medium, get spicy if you like heat, and try danger if you can take burn-a-hole-in-your-stomach hot.

They give you a pretty decent banchan spread with a delicious fried fish (one per person) so enjoy that while you wait for your stew.  It comes out bubbling so you want to crack your egg in ASAP to cook it properly.  Save room for their nurungji, otherwise known as scorched rice.  They serve it towards the end of your meal, and you should eat it with kimchi.  If you run of out side dishes, ask your waitstaff for a refill!

The Best Bingsoo in the Greater New York Area

If you’re in the mood for dessert, Cafe Mocha is a must.  It’s located in Palisades Park so it’s only about an 8-10 minute drive away from Fort Lee.  They have some of the best bingsoo (aka Korean shaved ice) you’ll ever try, like it’s as good as the bingsoo I’ve gotten in Korea.  To start, get their milk ice. It’s standard but scrumptious, and it contains condensed milk, red bean and mochi.  The “toppings” are buried inside the ice so you want to mix it up before taking your first bite.

Boom Boom Chicken:  The Best Fried Chicken in Fort Lee, New Jersey

Words can’t even begin to express the deliciousness that is Boom Boom Chicken.  Located on 240 Main Street, they have some of the best KFC (Korean fried chicken) in the world.  I know that’s crazy praise, but I’ve honestly never had anything like it in either the US or Korea.

Back when I was a student at Juilliard, I’d rent a car and drive to Jersey just to get her chicken.  The owner’s expanded since then and now includes katsu and other dishes.  Don’t get distracted though – keep your eye on the prize!  Get a combo of wings, arms and drumsticks in her spicy sauce.  Enjoy it with sweet & sour radish for an insane meal that will give you the mouthgasm of your life.

Alright friends, I hope you enjoyed reading about delicious eats in Fort Lee, New Jersey.  I honestly think their Koreatown is better than Manhattan’s.  The Korean food there’s underwhelming, and I’ve always felt that way.  I’m curious to hear what you guys think though.  Let me know by leaving a comment below.  For more on food, click here.  To browse travel, make sure to check out this tab.  Until next time, loves.  Sending hugs from the DMV!