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You may have heard of Korean turtle ships but have you heard of Korean turtle chips? If not, you are missing out! Koreans take snacking very seriously and the competition is fierce for ranking high among the best Korean snacks. There’s no limit to how creative they get in terms of variety of flavors and cute packaging.

Luckily for us, many of the best Korean snacks are available worldwide either via Asian grocery stores or online. Comment some of your favorite Korean snacks below for me to try and pick up a few of these favorites on your next trip to your local Korean market. You won’t be disappointed!!

Here are 20 of the Best Korean Snacks!

These chips are sweet from the honey and savory from the butter (featured in tons of K-Dramas)

2. Turtle Chips

Turtle chips are one of the most popular snacks in Korea. The original flavor is great but my favorites are the cinnamon (시나몬) ones!

IMG 8721IMG 8721

3. Choco Heim

Chocolate cream wafers have hazelnut filling and are great to pair with tea or coffee.

Best Korean SnacksBest Korean Snacks

4. Onion Rings

A lighter and sweeter alternative to American “Funyuns”- I definitely prefer these over Funyuns!

Best Korean SnacksBest Korean Snacks

5. Choco Boys

Choco Boys are a tiny biscuit topped with chocolate!

Best Korean SnacksBest Korean Snacks

6. Pepero

A Korean snack classic- so popular there is even a holiday dedicated to these cookie sticks (November 11)!

Best Korean SnacksBest Korean Snacks

7. Ssal Ro Ppung / Grain Rice Bar

Another classic snack that I grew up eating with my Halmoni (할머니-grandmother). They are somewhat similar to a rice crispy treat but are light and not as overpoweringly sweet.

Best Korean SnacksBest Korean Snacks

8. Honey Twist Snack

When I was in Korea last summer I ate these every single day; they are very sweet and very addicting!

IMG 8726IMG 8726

9. Soft Cow

An on-the-go candy popular amongst children. It’s chewy and similar to a marshmallow consistency.

Best Korean SnacksBest Korean Snacks

10. Ppushu Ppushu

Crunchy dried ramen with (optional spicy) flavor is another go-to!

Best Korean SnacksBest Korean Snacks

11. Homerun Ball

Similar to Hello Panda cookies, these are little round biscuits with a chocolate filling.

IMG 8732IMG 8732

12. Korebap / Whale Food

Korebap is another classic snack popular amongst children. The crackers are crispy, light and airy in the shapes of various sea animals.

Best Korean SnacksBest Korean Snacks

13. Shrimp Crackers

Shrimp crackers (or shrimp chips) are similar to American Veggie Sticks but feature a subtle shrimp flavor.

Best Korean SnacksBest Korean Snacks

14. Pocari Sweat

An electrolyte drink that’s great for after workouts or when you need hydration. I drink these after workouts instead of Gatorade!

Best Korean SnacksBest Korean Snacks

15. Banana Milk

In America our milk flavors are chocolate and strawberry but in Korea it ranges from melon to banana and more! Banana milk is a refreshing children’s classic drink of choice!

Best Korean SnacksBest Korean Snacks

16. Mogu Mogu

This delicious juice comes in tons of flavors with jellies to add texture!

Best Korean SnacksBest Korean Snacks

17. Coco Palm

Similar to Mogu Mogu, this drink has a candy-like taste and has jellies in it!

Best Korean SnacksBest Korean Snacks

18. Milkis

Described as a carbonated citrus cream, this drink has a subtle dairy flavor to it.

Best Korean SnacksBest Korean Snacks

19. Calpico

Another classic! Often used for mixing cocktails to get that lychee flavor!

Best Korean SnacksBest Korean Snacks

20. Brown Sugar Popcorn / White Sugar Popcorn

Bonus! If you can find these in a store, comment below! I had them in Korea but can’t seem to get my hands on them in the US!

Best Korean SnacksBest Korean Snacks

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