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First impressions of Lindos are always the best. This enchanting town sits on a hill to the east coast of Rhodes, on a coastline of coves and beneath the mighty Acropolis monument. The town is covered with small white buildings, featuring shops, bars and restaurants. Its hillside location gives great views of the beaches and mountainside.

Being in such an intriguing location, there’s plenty of opportunities for restaurants with great views! Beach-side dining, mountain top panoramic views, rooftop restaurants and quaint backstreet cafes await you… We’ve put together a list of our favourite restaurants based on our own experience and customer reviews. Pick the perfect spot for a meal to remember in this charming town.

Our top 7 favourite Lindos restaurants – Impress your taste buds for a full week!

Restaurant name: Melenos Rooftop Dining

yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 This photo of Melenos Roof Top Dining is courtesy of TripAdvisoryH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7 This photo of Melenos Roof Top Dining is courtesy of TripAdvisor

The Melenos Hotel is one of the fanciest hotels in the area, but is also home to one of the best Lindos restaurants. It sits on the mountain face alongside the shoreline and has amazing views of the horizon! The hotel’s restaurant is located on a rooftop, featuring intimate tables and a romantic setting for special occasions. Proposals are very common here! Food-wise, expect gourmet style fine dining across a range of seafood and traditional Greek/Mediterranean dishes. Dishes are great for the eyes and the palate!

The Melenos restaurant is one of the more expensive restaurants in the area so save it for an extra special evening. It’s also one of the top restaurants in Lindos on Tripadvisor according to reviews and we believe it rightfully deserves its place in the top.

Restaurant name: Byzantino

Byzantino Restaurant Lindos 1 This photo of Byzantino is courtesy of TripAdvisorByzantino Restaurant Lindos 1 This photo of Byzantino is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Byantino is another rooftop restaurant in the heart of Lindos town and it’s a favourite for returning visitors due to the excellent service and cosy atmosphere. The food is reasonably priced, no frills, traditional and you get the same amazing views of more expensive restaurants.

Order the souvlaki if you’re hungry or be adventurous and try one of the many seafood dishes. Service is fast, friendly and the menu is well-rounded. Byzantino is an excellent choice for those that want good value and traditional dining with a view.

Restaurant name: Ktima

Ktima Restaurant Lindos 1 This photo of Ktima Lindos is courtesy of TripAdvisorKtima Restaurant Lindos 2 This photo of Ktima Lindos is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Set back a short drive outside of Lindos town at the top of the hill, Ktima offers some of the best restaurant views you’ll see on the island. Although you’ll need a car or taxi to get here, it’s well worth the trip and it sets the scene for a beautifully romantic evening out.

The mountain-top restaurant has outdoor seating perched alongside an infinity pool, offering panoramic sunset views when the sun goes down – fairy lights will be your only light under the dark night sky. Food portions are plentiful, and the quality is good; you’ll find grilled meats, seafood and many of the Mediterranean dishes typical to Lindos restaurants.

Restaurant name: Odyssia

Odyssia Restaurant Lindos 1 This photo of Odyssia Restaurant is courtesy of TripAdvisorOdyssia Restaurant Lindos 2 This photo of Odyssia Restaurant is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Although Odyssia features rooftop ledge dining options like many of the best restaurants in Lindos, it also has a quaint courtyard, surrounded by white walls, trees and flowers. Engage in an intimate dinner for two in this secluded restaurant, which provides a different experience day and night. It’s also more spacious than other restaurants, giving a more intimate experience with your loved one.

During the day, its courtyard is a nice place to get shade from the sun, whilst an evening casts candlelight into the courtyard and roof garden for a serene atmosphere under the moonlight.

Although the menu is small, expect high quality Greek food, plenty of seafood and some of the best desserts you’ll try. We personally loved the baklawa!

Restaurant name: Skala Beach Lindos Restaurant

Skala Beach Restaurant Restaurant Lindos 1 This photo of Skala Beach Restaurant is courtesy of TripAdvisorSkala Beach Restaurant Lindos 2 This photo of Skala Beach Restaurant is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Our list wouldn’t be complete without adding one of the exquisite beach view restaurants. Skala is located right on the Lindos main beach, overlooking the entire shoreline. As with many of the restaurants in the area, the top menu picks are seafood and Mediterranean/Greek classics. The sea bass is delicious, as are the prawn dishes.

It makes a great restaurant for special occasions such as anniversaries or weddings and can sit large groups. Visit during the day for a nicer dining experience compared to the beach shack restaurants or head on down for sunset for live music and stunning scenery as you eat.

It’s worth noting that many of the beach-side Lindos restaurants we visited weren’t as good quality as the central town options, however Skala was an exception.

Restaurant name: Mythos Restaurant

Mythos Restaurant Lindos 1 This photo of Mythos All Day Restaurant is courtesy of TripAdvisorMythos Restaurant Lindos 2 This photo of Mythos All Day Restaurant is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Mythos arguably has the best views of all of the rooftop restaurants in Lindos. On one side you have the ancient acropolis monument, towering about the town. On the other side there’s a nice view of the horizon and seafront. During the day the visibility is excellent, whilst an evening provides a romantic setting with candles, lit up surroundings and an illuminated acropolis above.

The menu is traditional Greek with lots of Mediterranean seafood. It’s moderately priced but tastes excellent and well worth the value considering the prime location. It’s also a good choice for weddings, romantic proposals or celebrating the end of a brilliant holiday in Greece.

Snack time

Restaurant name: Royo Frozen Yoghurt

Royo Frozen Yoghurt 1 This photo of Royo Frozen Yogurt is courtesy of TripAdvisorRoyo Frozen Yoghurt 2 This photo of Royo Frozen Yogurt is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Our list may be mainly focused on restaurants, but there’s always a place for some delicious dessert in our recommendations and Royo Frozen Yoghurt delivers just that!

A modern snack bar in quite a traditional and archaic town, Royo has a plethora of fun and tasty treats and reasonable prices. Cool down in the hot Greek sun and enjoy an ice cream, bubble waffle, frozen yoghurt or sorbet and customise your dessert to your desire. We loved this small snack bar so much we often opted for stopping by after dinner rather than ordering dessert in a restaurant.

A quick note on Pefkos: If you’re staying just outside of Lindos or fancy a different dining environment one evening, take the bus or a taxi to the nearby towns of Pefkos or Lardos. These quiet tourist towns are only a 10-15-minute drive away and there’s lots of nice restaurants to try.

We personally recommend Philosophia Beach Taverna. This balcony restaurant sits on the side of the mountain, just above the beach. Experience amazing views of the beach and horizon as the boats come in to dock at sunset. The waiters here are especially friendly but professional and the dining experience and food is excellent. This was one of the highlights of our trip!

Philosophia Beach Restaurant - Pefkos This photo of Island Blue Hotel is courtesy of TripAdvisorPhilosophia Beach Restaurant - Pefkos This photo of Philosophia Beach Taverna is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Top foods to try in Lindos:

  • Gyro’s – a local take on a traditional Greek kebab. Expect a pita wrap filled with a plentiful scoop of lamb/chicken/pork, fried potato, salad and a sauce.
  • Souvlaki – Souvlaki is a well-seasoned skewer of grilled meat, usually pork or chicken. It can be found in almost all the Greek restaurants here and it’s a good choice if you’re hungry. It’s usually served with grilled vegetables and potatoes/fries.
  • Moussaka – Moussaka is one of the most popular dishes in Rhodes. The Greek variation of a middle eastern classic has layers of spiced, ground meat and aubergine, white sauce and a baked, crisp exterior.
  • Charcoal grilled seafood – having a seaside location, the town of Lindos has plenty of fresh seafood for you to try. Octopus, squid, fillets of fish and anything else you’d expect can be found in most restaurants. Your only challenge will be finding the most deliciously cooked dishes!

Tips for eating out in Lindos:

  1. Avoid the tourist populated restaurants near the main square and beach front. They’re overpriced, and the food isn’t very good.
  2. Although Lindos food and restaurants are excellent in general, you should also read reviews before entering a place to eat (or see our recommendations above!).
  3. Lindos isn’t as cheap as it once was, although it isn’t too expensive either! Expect to pay around 20 – 25 euros per person for a nice meal with drinks. Fancier places will cost more, so always check the menu beforehand.
  4. Most restaurants have a website where you can browse the location, contact the venue to make a reservation or browse the menu.
  5. Reservations aren’t generally needed but we do recommend booking if you have a large group, you’re visiting in July/August or if you want the tables with the best views.

Surprisingly for a tourist hotspot, Lindos has mostly local and family operated restaurants and the quality is very good throughout wherever you dine. Competition for restaurants is high and we didn’t feel like there were as many overpriced ‘tourist’ restaurants that you’d find in other resorts and cities. It all felt very ‘local’. Explore for yourself and let us know of your favourite restaurants in Lindos!


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