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Sausalito is often seen as that sunny destination across the Bay reserved for tourists. But that couldn’t be a more incorrect view — just because you’ve already done the bike across the bridge and stopped at Bar Bocce doesn’t mean you’ve exhausted all this town has to offer. On the contrary, there is world-class sushi, tons of sustainable seafood, off-the-beaten-path charmers, and endless views to be found.

When heading for Sausalito, abide by the unofficial San Francisco rule of law: wear layers. It can get cold and windy, but when things are going your way, any lingering fog will cling to the hilltops above the village, providing ideal al fresco dining conditions at the many outdoor tables.

As of publication time, some of these restaurants offer seated indoor and outdoor dining. However, their inclusion should not be taken as endorsement for sit-down dining, as there are still safety concerns. Studies indicate that COVID-19 infection rates are lower for outside activities than dining indoors, but the level of risk involved with even outdoor dining is contingent on restaurants and their patrons following strict social distancing, face covering, and other safety guidelines.

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Note: Restaurants on this map are listed geographically.

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