The Brass Monkey Restaurant in Chicago

Outstanding atmosphere with great drinks, food & service.

I went to check out the Brass Monkey mostly to see how their bar holds up (even though they're not in the Chicago Bar Bracket), and was not disappointed with a wide range of custom craft cocktails, plus a couple of classic 70's throwbacks like the Harvey Wallbanger.

The theme of the restaurant is inspired by the 70's, but it's not overwhelming. The same can be said of their food – they want it to be inspired by the 70's (a decade they admit wasn't the best for American Cuisine), but they make the food fun and execute it well rather than making sacrifices or giving up their identity.

I highly recommend the Porkchop & trying the Bananas Foster Pudding. Also, the fact that they have a "TV Dinner" on the menu that comes in a tray shaped like a TV Dinner makes it even better.

The place did not disappoint & I'll definitely be back to try the Tang.

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