The Bull’s Pen Cafe menu in Mesquite, Texas, USA

Went for lunch. Wasnt busy when we arrived. Was set down quickly and had pur drinks arrive shortly after taken. Unfortunately did not have one of our preferred drink so had to get water.
Place our food order for chicken fried steak with yams, mash potatoes, and salad, and on order of the chicken fried chicken with mash potatoes, peaches, and a salad. Simple salad with some tomatos and preferred dressing, was quite good. Main plates came out shortly after and my chicken was really well seasoned but the steak needed a bit more, and cooked to perfection. The mash potatoes, we both thought, were not on the freshes side, but still taste nice with a bit more salt and pepper. I did not try the yams but was told they were well seasoned, sweet, and tender. The peaches were from a can so you know they were fresh and good, and yes can/frozen fruits/vegs are usually fresher then open fruits/veg because they are canned/frozen at peak freshness. Service was straight forward and nice. Would definitely recommend trying out.