The Cracked Egg menu in Charleston, South Carolina, USA

First let me say that our server deserves a lot more than five stars and a raise! She was phenomenal in a work environment that has to be beyond stressful for her. If the owner isn?t recognizing her as anything but amazing he/she should! She never stopped moving and trying to make up for the rest of the experience which was horrible.

We waited Alex 40 minutes for our food after ordering. My daughters chicken tenders and waffle fries came before the other orders and was made correct. The other two meals came together. I ordered eggs and bacon which came with a visible coating of cinnamon (one of the few spices I dislike). My friends meal came with his pancakes cold and his chicken tenders absolutely raw apart from the breading on the outside. His meal was taken back and he had to wait another 20 minutes to have it brought out to him again.

We did have our meal comped completely and were told the cook was no longer employed. We understand that bad days happen and will re-visit at another point in time to re-evaluate. The ONLY reason I have any stars was because our waitress was, by far, one of the best waitstaff we?ve ever encountered!