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On 1/7/2022, I entered into a repurchasing agreement with ****** North America to buy back a defective 2021 ****** Rogue Platinum. Under my signed agreement with ******; ****** would pay off my old car, provide me an exact replacement vehicle, and I would be responsible for financing only the balance owed on the original loan of $36,874.38, which would be the new cost of the replacement vehicle. At the dealership, all of my paperwork was mixed up, and ************** submitted to Credit Union Loan Source/Cinch the replacement check ****** issued, but insisted that part of their repurchase process was to also submit a substitution of collateral. When I protested, explaining that this was a repurchase and not a substitution, I was met with equal insistence that a substitution of collateral was part of the process. I ask to escalate the situation to the finance person’s supervisor was told it was the process, and it must be done this way. From CULS, I have only received a letter of satisfaction for my loan payment in full, but not for the old vehicle, for my new vehicle VIN#. Other than this letter, I have received nothing else regarding my old vehicle or my new vehicle. CULS has started calling, demanding payment, stating my vehicle is 3-4 months behind in payments. I told them, I purchased this vehicle on 02/10/2022, and I am not 4 months behind in payments. They continued calling and threatening they would be report my failure to pay to my credit reports, and I was informed that I am scheduled for repossession of my vehicle any day. I had a supervisor for the call center call me pretending to be the repossession department. I left several messages for people at CULS, but no-one will contact me back about resolving this issue. Whenever I call and do get to speak to a live person, I get a different answer and someone else promises to escalate this issue and call me back, but it never happens.