The ENTERTAINER – Massimo’s Italian Restaurant

Modern decor. Clean, efficient, in line with the location of the restaurant. Bread: extremely crispy. Bread should be warm, and easy to cut open with bread knife. In less than a minute I had bread crumbs all over my table. Crumbs stayed until the end of the meal. Also, the tomato salad for the bread came with a lot of tomato stems. The green part. I understand for this, any chef would like to use leftover tomato from caprese salad. I’ve done the same. But there shouldn’t be any green part of the tomato in something made with diced tomatoes. Tapenade was a weird thing to see. Not particularly Italian. But I’ll take it. It tastes ok. Salad: decent. The presentation was little bit off to me. The top of the plate was way too crowded. Large slices of Parmesan and the balsamic glaze was too intense. I feel like the aesthetics were overdone a little bit. Other than that it was a decent salad. Sea bass with zucchini crust: very, very flat. Visually speaking, the zucchini crust looked great. But the two fillets were just flat on the plate. It lacked elevation. Also the plate was way too simple: only fillets, zucchini, roasted potatoes, and a piece of lemon. It was too simple. Also, the fish lacked a little bit of seasoning. Crust side was nicely seasoned, but the opposite side of the fillet was underseasoned . Each of the two fillets had a very small piece of fishbone inside. Roasted potatoes were lovely. Great colour and delicious. Coffee: slightly bitter for Americano. My guess is they ran hot water through the coffee ground for the entirety of the coffee, instead of adding espresso to hot water. In fact it was very bitter, to be honest. I used a sachet of sweetener after drinking half. A 4-star restaurant, but a solid 4-star. The food will be better if you’re coming as a couple/group/family. Don’t come here solo, I guess that’s what I’m trying to say. More