The Farmhouse Is A Little-Known Indiana Restaurant That’s In The Middle Of Nowhere, But Worth The Drive

The Farmhouse Is A Little-Known Indiana Restaurant That’s In The Middle Of Nowhere, But Worth The Drive

If you drive out of town a bit, out into the rural area known as Fair Oaks, Indiana, you’ll find a small collection of family-owned local farms. They conduct tours and classes, but they also have several incredible restaurants that will make the drive out worth it on their own. Fair Oaks Farms is a kind of rural paradise, and we’re certain that nobody who visits here will be able to resist getting a table at the delectable, high-end restaurant that serves farm-fresh foods produced by Fair Oaks Farms farmers themselves. Fair Oaks Farms in Indiana is an interesting culinary adventure that will blow you away from start to finish.

First, we’ve got to point out that Fair Oaks Farms is technically a collection of family-run farms all within the same area of Fair Oaks.
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They operate as a group, all under the moniker of the original: Fair Oaks Farms.
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The overall experience that is The Farmhouse is well worth a visit all on its own; one need not explore the entire grounds if all they’re after is a delicious meal, and a delicious meal they shall receive.
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Each ingredient in every dish is cared for throughout its entire life, from seed to salad, and from pasture to table. The difference is clear; the dishes here have a freshness to them that you will never find anywhere else but a spot like this one.

The menu is impressively diverse, boasting a lengthy selection of soups, salads, sandwiches, steaks and chops, desserts, even pizza – the list goes on.
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The atmosphere is beautiful year-round, with festive decor around holidays and gorgeous rustic perfection for the rest of the year.
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The experience is family-friendly, though you may want to bring children to either of the two fast and casual restaurants instead of the fanciest one.
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The meals served at the Farmhouse legitimately look like things out of culinary magazine spreads, and every dish is artfully crafted in such a way that every single customer will be feasting upon a work of art.
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Find out more about Fair Oaks Farms and the Farmhouse Restaurant on the farms’ website or Facebook page.

So, what do you think? Have you ever heard of the Farmhouse restaurant or Fair Oaks Farms? Tell us what you thought about them in the comments!

Address: 754 N 600 E, Fair Oaks, IN 47943, USA