The Future of Restaurants: Consumer Expectations on the Rise

Recently HT caught up with Joel Montaniel, CEO and Co-Founder of SevenRooms, about his outlook for the future of restaurants and the growing importance of data.  Here are the key takeaways:

Restaurants in 2022: the Momentum Continues

“The time of saying that the restaurant industry changed is gone. It’s no longer changing – it’s getting stronger; surging, and operators need to stay mindful of the evolving landscape. Personalization will reign supreme in consumers’ eyes – with the increased desire for loyalty programs, the ability to order and book ahead before arriving on premises and even take advantage of innovative payment options. 

“The labor shortage and supply chain problems will be a continual thread, forcing operators to think about the pricing of food on their menus, how they communicate this to customers and, ultimately, how they use technology and data to get smarter and mitigate these issues,” says Montaniel.

2022 Restaurant Industry Outlook

“The consolidation of technology will also continue – helping to solve some of these issues – and it will be more prevalent, especially as hotel F&B comes back into focus as a huge revenue driver for hospitality brands and becomes a way to drive loyalty with locals and travelers alike. Solutions must provide more than one benefit or insight to operators and ultimately lead to a better customer experience for all,” he adds.

Experiential Dining & the Importance of Data

“Pre-pandemic, we saw a trend of immersive and elevated experiential dining; now as we return to a new normal, consumer expectations are only going up. The key to meeting these expectations lies in data – how operators interpret it and use it to their advantage for personalization and marketing to drive loyalty.